The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Start-up Businesses

The term “start-up company” is often associated with a high-growth, technology-oriented company that has both a high risk, as well as a high potential return on investment.  Sure, cloud computing offers benefits to businesses of all sizes, but these advantages apply even more to smaller, newer companies who do not yet have a large budget to invest in their own dedicated servers or an IT staff.  Here are a few reasons why the cloud can be a good choice for start-up businesses:

Scalability:  Successful start-ups need to be scalable, with the ability to grow rapidly with limited investment.  By providing on-demand services, cloud hosting lets companies innovate quickly and respond immediately to changing needs in the market.  Also, cloud service providers often offer the ability to upgrade their services to incorporate newer features, and to allow a larger volume of work flow to be managed.  This is useful when the company is rapidly increasing its operations or acquiring more resources.

Accessibility: One of the greatest advantages of having a cloud-based infrastructure is that your company gets to access its services whenever and wherever they want.  Company employees can access their data from any computer system, as all the data is present on a cloud-based server.  This is extremely useful if your company has employees who are frequently traveling or working from home.  Also, people working in different divisions of the company can collaborate through the Internet and share the resources, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Financial Savings: Often times, start-up businesses do not have the immediate funds to invest in buying expensive hardware, software, and support.  However, with a cloud-based infrastructure, local set-up costs are eliminated, as all the company needs is network-ready web-enabled systems, which are much less expensive to set up.  Also, since cloud hosting is on a pay-per-use pricing model, start-up companies can save money by only paying for the resources they need.

Cloud computing is clearly not just a passing fad.  It has already drastically changed the way we use the Internet and is predicted to be the future technology of networking.  For start-up businesses, the advantages of using the cloud far outweigh the risks associated with it and this technology is something new businesses should definitely consider adopting.

At Atlantic.Net, we can provide your start-up company with the scalability, accessibility, and financial savings, that cloud hosting provides.  Our goal is to help our clients save time and money by operating their business more efficiently.  Check out our cloud hosting solutions and give us a call at 800-521-5881 to learn more about our hosting solutions!