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A Few Questions to Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider

Whether you are in charge of the IT department for a large enterprise or running a small business, any change in technology requires research and planning in order to ensure you are making the right decision for your business. Below are a few key questions to ask your cloud hosting provider before making any decisions regarding your move to the cloud.

How reliable is your cloud hosting service?

Availability and reliability are critical components to operating in the cloud.  Some cheap web hosts may not see the need to maintain a redundant network because they do not think of it as essential to daily operations.  However, without a redundant, secure, and well-connected network infrastructure, your website may experience downtime, lags, and even stop functioning correctly.  Therefore, review the hosting company’s reliability and availability track record, along with their protocols for restoring service in the event of downtime.

At Atlantic.Net, our industry-leading SLAs are backed by a 100% Uptime Guarantee.  This means that we guarantee all critical infrastructure components will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.  No one can guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but with a 100% uptime SLA, we set the expectation to do the very best possible.

How secure is my sensitive data?

A lot of people fear that moving their data to be stored offsite will expose them to a variety of risks and security breaches.  This is not necessarily true.  Actually, compared to other data storage options (including using in-house infrastructure), cloud hosting offers the best security, reliability, and ease of use, provided you choose a cloud provider that values security as well.

Different cloud providers offer varying levels of security and you can also “beef up” your security with something like encryption key management.  Take a look at how your cloud hosting provider protects data, whether through encryption, secure building entry, guaranteed power, or a combination of several security features.

Are there any disaster recovery services included?

Do not hesitate to investigate your service provider’s disaster recovery process, as well as its fail-over capabilities before signing any contracts.  While there is a wide selection of disaster recovery solutions, cloud hosting provides the most flexibility and ease of use, while remaining cost-effective.  As opposed to purchasing two physical servers (one as your day-to-day server and the other as your backup), cloud servers provide the benefit of being able to easily create multiple servers in the cloud without needing to lease/own physical servers.

With cloud hosting from a premier hosting provider like Atlantic.Net, principal IT infrastructure is also essentially a dynamic backup system, as your data and applications reside in an offsite, secure data center facility with a backup, uninterrupted power supply, and dedicated support staff, just in case.

As a leading cloud provider, Atlantic.Net offers a full line of cloud hosting solutions backed by almost two decades of experience in connectivity, advanced computing, hosting, and web technologies.  Contact an Atlantic.Net advisor today at 800-521-5881 for a free cloud server trial!

Afraid to take that leap into the cloud? Keep a foot in both worlds with a hybrid approach!

Though cloud hosting offers many benefits over traditional in-house infrastructure, a trend is developing where many organizations decide to keep a foot in both worlds through a hybrid cloud platform.  Some data and processing capacity is migrated to cloud servers while the rest is contained behind the corporate firewall.

With a hybrid cloud platform, businesses can put as much or as little of their data into the cloud, while retaining the rest on a local server.  Essentially, businesses can choose how they use the cloud, which increases their comfort level when deploying a hybrid platform.  As all businesses function differently, a hybrid cloud solution gives the flexibility and control needed for a wide range of organizations and industries.  For some organizations, it is not always possible to work online, while for others, they may use cloud hosting as a disaster recovery solution.

Many people feel that a hybrid cloud platform offers the best of both worlds.  A hybrid cloud hosting solution allows users to remain productive, even when they are not connected to the local network.  For example, if a company employee is traveling on an airplane and out of range of wireless data services, they can tap into the cloud as long as they have an Internet connection.

Whether your business has already made a substantial investment in your IT infrastructure, or you are simply looking to secure your data at an off-site location, a hybrid cloud from Atlantic.Net may be the right solution for you.  Call 800-521-5881 today to take advantage of our free $25 trial of our cloud servers!

Atlantic.Net Sponsors Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World Orlando 2010

Atlantic.Net was a proud sponsor of  Disaster Recovery Journal’s (DRJ) 42nd annual conference, held March 22nd – 24th, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.  DRJ has been the leading publication focusing on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) for over twenty years and holds Spring and Fall conferences on both the East and West coasts.  These conferences help to educate organizations about the importance of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery , and BC/DR certification programs.

This was our second year sponsoring Spring World and the event seems to get bigger each year!  In addition to an exhibition hall packed with companies and associations, there was an extensive line up of educational sessions and workshops ranging from How to Design a Disaster Recovery Strategy Without Breaking the Bank to Dealing with Pandemics .  There was even a workshop dedicated to addressing BC/DR Solutions in a Wireless World .

DRJ also put on one heck of a networking party following the educational and training sessions, which provided a great opportunity for attendees to socialize with other business professionals who have an interest in BC/DR and a great environment for sharing ideas and information.

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Outage prevention tip of the month – Reduce downtime with Atlantic.Net!

Disaster recovery planning is crucial. Ensuring you have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan in place is one way to prevent an outage. Having one in place, however, won’t prevent an outage and not knowing how to implement it won’t mitigate loss associated with downtime. Make sure your staff is properly trained on the policies and procedures in order to facilitate a smooth transition to help ensure your engineers meet their recovery time objectives.

Atlantic.Net Protects Businesses Through Another Hurricane Season!

As the 2009 hurricane season draws to a close we can all let out a huge sigh of relief. For some, that sigh will be larger than others if they weren’t prepared.  Atlantic.Net is always ready to weather the storm and we take pride that we are constantly thinking into the future.  Some of our preparations for this hurricane season included putting a new roof on our building, performing an entire overhaul of our industrial grade UPS-complete with new components, and performing preventative maintenance on our HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning).   As always, our secure, hurricane proof Data Center is staffed 24x7x365 with a back-up generator and multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone. Continue reading