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Choosing the Perfect Data Center Site for Your Colocation Needs

Lately, a trend has emerged among organizations both large and small to consider housing their servers in colocation facilities instead of, or in addition to, their own data centers.  Here are some general best practices to follow when selecting the right data center site for your colocation needs:

Physical Location

Be sure the data center site you choose is located in a good physical location and has adequate building security.  For example, make sure the data center site is not located in a basement in an area prone to flooding.  At Atlantic.Net, we own and operate our own data center in Orlando, Florida and our facility offers state-of-the-art redundant systems, guaranteed power, temperature/humidity control, and security.  In addition, we also provide redundancy through our alliances with data center sites in Dallas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Cooling and Power

Cooling and power are two of the most critical factors in achieving high performance levels for your infrastructure.  The data center site you choose must have ample power to run and cool the facility when it’s running at maximum capacity.  Colocation providers also must have adequate backup generators in case of outages.  At Atlantic.Net, our Orlando data site has generator backup for 100% of customer peak load with a fuel supply of 24 hours, with guaranteed refueling contracts.


Choose a data center that can give you the customer support you require.  You’ll want a data center that can give you 24/7/365 access to qualified employees who are able to support your needs.  In addition, check the employee turnover ratio, as high employee turnover could be a red flag that the data site is not worth your time.  You want to work with a trustworthy and qualified company.  At Atlantic.Net, we have provided customers with 24/7/365 in-house live customer support since 1994.

SLAs & Uptime

A reliable colocation provider will offer an agreement outlining the level of service they will provide.  At Atlantic.Net, our industry-leading SLAs are backed by a 100% Uptime Guarantee, which means that we guarantee all critical infrastructure components will be available 100% of the time in a given month (excluding scheduled maintenance).

All in all, if you do the proper due diligence during your selection process, you should be able to select a colocation provider who will help you optimize your IT performance.

Being able to provide colocation service for over a decade, Atlantic.Net is a premium data site for Orlando colocation and hosting needs.  Our Orlando data site is the logical choice for organizations that want to colocate in Orlando with a 100% uptime guarantee!  Contact an Atlantic.Net advisor today at 800-521-5881 to learn more!

Florida Colocation Data Centers – A brief comparison.

Protecting your data is critical to your business longevity, and your business lifeline depends on ensuring your data will survive a natural disaster. This is very much true in a state known for miles of coastline, especially when there is the threat of severe hurricanes for more than half of the year. Just as the destructive force of hurricanes varies, so does the effect each hurricane has on different towns and cities across the state, some of which may not be affected by these hurricanes at all.

This leads me to wonder why organizations choose one city over another to host their mission critical data. The answer is simple: quality of life. People like to be close to the beaches so they can enjoy their lives. Does the same principle apply to securing their sensitive business data?  Absolutely, there are numerous data centers throughout Florida including Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville to name but a few. But why customers choose data center sites in Miami , Jacksonville or Tampa is beyond me, considering that the risk of hurricanes increases every year.

I have had discussions with technology professionals and consultants who are of the opinion that much more consideration should be given when choosing your data center site. Over the years, consultants have been consistently recommending safer data center strategies. It has always been about moving data inland, away from the fury of the tropical storms and hurricanes, if only for cold site redundancy.

Orlando can be considered an exception to the usual coastal hurricane problem zones. Compared with other data centers in the area, Orlando data centers are unique and offer peace of mind. Data center colocation in Miami , Tampa or Jacksonville may not be as safe as data center colocation in Orlando for a number of reasons. Continue reading

Data Center powered by Linux – ITT Technical Institute Tours Data Center.

We were contacted by the ITT Technical Institute to help turn theory into practice for one of their classes.  We welcomed this opportunity to help educate the future Engineers of Central Florida.

We set up Daniel Poremba, Professor at the School of Information Technology, and his class of roughly twenty with Preston C, the Senior Linux Engineer at Atlantic.Net. Preston took the class on a tour of our Orlando Data Center facility and explained the significance of each component from the Colo floor to the industrial grade generator and UPS’s.  Continue reading

Thoughts.com Selects Atlantic.Net for High Availability Colocation!

With the growing number and popularity of social media networking sites, Thoughts.com is an exciting addition to the new generation of social media outlets.  Atlantic.Net is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Thoughts.com, a new breed of social media networking websites, encouraging discussions rather than “catching up”. Continue reading

Atlantic.Net Protects Businesses Through Another Hurricane Season!

As the 2009 hurricane season draws to a close we can all let out a huge sigh of relief. For some, that sigh will be larger than others if they weren’t prepared.  Atlantic.Net is always ready to weather the storm and we take pride that we are constantly thinking into the future.  Some of our preparations for this hurricane season included putting a new roof on our building, performing an entire overhaul of our industrial grade UPS-complete with new components, and performing preventative maintenance on our HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning).   As always, our secure, hurricane proof Data Center is staffed 24x7x365 with a back-up generator and multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone. Continue reading