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BarCamp Tampa Bay 2009


As I settle down to ink my day at the “creme-de-la-unconference” of the year, I am looking for words that can contain my enthusiasm, tether the free spirit that runs amok at the BarCamps, and still capture the essence of what was a day replete with fun, sharing, networking, learning, and being involved with shaping the future of information technology (IT).


Sept 26th & 27th, Barcamp TampBay (BTB) at the  USF, College of Business (COB), among other things, saw the “geek” and the “chic” coalesce. Yes, you read it right! There were attendees with belly T-shirts, colored hair, Louis Vuittons and I think they didn’t look one bit out of place, given that this was like a weekend getaway.  Still thinking about colored hair? See here .


Day 1 was Developer’s Day and day 2 was Media May (which is less technical and I did not attend).  Early Saturday Sept 26, I drove  to Tampa, got lost a few times on Fowler Avenue, thanks to electronic navigation, but overall did not have too much trouble finding the Sun Dome parking lot next to USF COB. Welcome is always warm at Barcamps with a flurry of familiar faces going, “Whats happening Ritesh?”, “How’ve you been Mr. Chaube?”. Continue reading

BarCamp Miami 2009

Change is good? In this case, it surely was. With barely a week to go, the location for Barcamp Miami 2009 (http://www.barcampmiami.org/) was changed from Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts to Anokha Miami. And, boy, was it good! Set amidst the trendy settings of CocoWalk & Mayfair mall, the 2009 edition drew smiling faces and eager minds from an exciting array of businesses in South Florida and startups from the West and East coast. BarCamp conferences are a great place to meet, interact and put a face to many of the familiar names in the IT circle.

Right after parking in the Cocowalk garage, I met Mark from scrapblog.com, a south Florida startup, who seemed equally confused on how to get to the venue from our parking spots. In no time, friendly organizers, a free t-shirt & wristband greeted us upon arrival. Continue reading