Atlantic.Net SSD Cloud VPS provides the next generation of business computing by enabling organizations to get all the benefits of VPS, plus much more! Typically a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is offered as a contracted service with fixed features (CPU, RAM, Hard Drive) and the resources you pay for are not guaranteed and are often oversold. With SSD Cloud VPS, you pay for only what you use and can easily scale from 256 MB of RAM to 16 GB of RAM and a from single processor to multiple processors.

Compared to a traditional VPS, SSD VPS in the Cloud offers shorter provisioning times and easier resource allocation, which allows for much greater control of infrastructure spend.

Atlantic.Net SSD Cloud VPS
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Why SSD VPS in the Cloud?

SSD VPS in the Cloud is a valuable solution if your website has outgrown your shared hosting plan because it provides users with root-level access to the server, while still keeping the ease and simplicity of a shared hosting account. SSD VPS in the Cloud is considerably less expensive than Dedicated Server Hosting and does not require the ownership – and therefore the responsibility – of the hardware.

Atlantic.Net SSD VPS allows you to build, test, and deploy Windows or Linux servers in the cloud in seconds. We offer simplicity, security, scalability, and reliability backed by the latest virtualization and computing platform. Plans start at only 0.5 cents per hour. All plans include 1GB free outbound transfer!

SSD Cloud VPS enables you to get all the benefits of VPS hosting and much more! Try Cheap VPS Hosting today!

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