Atlantic.Net and the Orlando Magic – A Winning Combination!

Josh Simon, Neal Hiscock, Hedo Turkoglu
Josh S. (Director of Data Center Services), Hedo Turkoglu, Neal H. (COO)

Earlier this year, Atlantic.Net announced a formal partnership with the Orlando Magic.  Everyone at Atlantic.Net was very excited and proud to be named the Official Server Host of the Orlando Magic and to  protect their data in our world class data center facility.

Jameer Nelson, Josh Simon, Neal Hiscock
Jameer Nelson, Josh S., Neal H.

As you can imagine, all of Orlando is gearing up for the first home game of the Easter Conference Finals. It seems like everywhere you turn around town, you see “Go Magic!” signs and Godzilla sized banners of Hedo Turkoglu, Dwight Howard, and Rashard Lewis adorning the downtown skyscrapers.

Josh Simon, Hedo Turkoglu, Mike Wilks
Josh S.,  Hedo Turkoglu, Mike Wilks

As a proud partner of the Orlando Magic, we are often involved in special events with the organization. At one of the recent events, we had the opportunity to hangout and get to know our team during a fun filled night of casino games and shenanigans . Whether we were playing blackjack, roulette, or just rolling the dice, everyone had a great time and the Magic players were nothing short of awesome to hang out with.

Josh Simon, Mike Wilks
Josh S., Mike Wilks

Hedo Turkoglu and Mike Wilks were on fire at the roulette table, Jameer Nelson, who was celebrating his birthday, could do no wrong at the black jack table, and Dwight Howard, Superman himself, was cutting up the rug and singing on the dance floor. You just don’t know how funny and humble this group of guys are until you spend some time with them. They are truly Champions on and off the court.

Adonal Foyle, Josh Simon, Mike Wilks
Adonal Foyle, Josh S., Mike Wilks

Game 1: Orlando 107, Cleveland 106
Game 2: Orlando 95, Cleveland 96

Update: 05/26/09

Game 3: Orlando 99, Cleveland 89
Game 4: Orlando 116, Cleveland 114

Update: 05/29/09

Game 5: Orlando 102, Cleveland 112

Update: 06/01/09

Game 6: The Orlando Magic Won the Eastern Conference Title! Orlando 103, Cleveland 90

Next Stop: The NBA Finals!

Go Magic!

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