Advantages of Cloud Servers over VPS

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Advantages of Cloud Servers over VPS

Cloud servers have many advantages over virtual private servers.  Even though in many cases VPS is less expensive than cloud, using cloud can prove to be a very smart choice for your business in the long run.  If you plan to grow your business year over year, cloud might be a better option for you considering the easy scaling and availability of guaranteed resources when and if you need them.  Also, the performance of a cloud server is unrivaled.

Server Vertical Scalability

  • Cloud – It is easy to scale your cloud server by simply selecting the amount of resources you want to give to the cloud server.  Resizing your cloud server allows you to add or remove computing power, memory, and hard drive space with just the click of a button.  If you need more or fewer resources, you can quickly achieve this, and your pricing will adjust accordingly.
  • VPS – When using a VPS, adding and removing resources can be challenging and time consuming because your scalability is directly impacted by the amount of resources used up on the node you currently reside.  If all resources are used up on your current node, you will have to migrate all your information to a different node that has free resources.  This process could take hours to complete and in the business world, time is money.


  • Cloud – Cloud servers are charged by the hour and you only pay for what you use.
  • VPS – VPS is one of the most cost-effective hosting solutions on the market with the functionality of dedicated servers.  However, deploying a VPS typically requires a setup fee or some sort of monthly/yearly contract.  This means that you pay for use on the server each month, no matter how much of it you use.


  • Cloud – Cloud is 4 – 40 times faster than VPS. Also, as technology improves, cloud servers are able to change and adapt with the market, which allows Hosting Solutions Providers to provide better products to their clients.
  • VPS – Without centralized storage, VPS can be very unpredictable in performance because you simply don’t know who you are sharing a node with and how much resources they will use at any given time.  With the potential of a server crash and/or loss of data, how can businesses put that much at risk?

Cloud servers enable you to get all the benefits of VPS and much more!  Cloud servers provide full control of your server software supported by dedicated hardware resources.  If your business relies heavily on your computer server infrastructure, cloud is the best option for you.  You are guaranteed to have access to the amount of resources that you pay for and it is always available to you.

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