Atlantic.Net on SaaS at CFITS

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Atlantic.Net on SaaS at CFITS

June 4th 2009 was special for many reasons, one of them being the Central Florida Information Technology Society (CFITS) lunch meeting event at the Cisco facility on Research Parkway.

It was a hot day (Hello Florida in June!) and the drive was long, but catching up with Adnan and William, it seemed like we got there in no time.

Big thanks to CFITS for recognizing the leadership of Atlantic.Net as a strategically and financially sound vendor for SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting deployments and choosing us to do a presentation on ‘Underpinnings of SaaS vendor selection ’ to a sizeable gathering of information technology professionals from a rich mix of local businesses. Apparently, quite a few joined us over the web to listen to the presentation in real-time over Webex.

After a welcome and a light lunch, Cisco presented their new Webex system . Their new system is pretty cool; in fact the presenter did the presentation over the web from the West Coast. The presentation was short, and guess who was delighted? Why? Because it gave me more time to take people over the complex subject of choosing a hosting provider for SaaS. We explained the process by using the example of one of our customers. I must admit that I went over my time, but I feel it was essential to lay down the framework of the presentation so that attendees could completely understand the strategic factors, intricacies, and trade-offs associated with the process of choosing a reliable and financially sound vendor for a SaaS deployment.

The third presentation was by made by Lawtech partners describing their experiences on NetDocuments Saas deployments. Many of us felt that this last presentation might have been better before mine because it covered the basics of SaaS whereas my presentation was more technical and related to more mature aspect of SaaS.

After the presentations there were raffle drawings and time left for Q & A sessions, discussions, and mingling. It was great meeting and networking with other IT professionals and learning about their work experiences.

All thanks to David Spears and CFITS for organizing this event and bringing everyone together for a really informative afternoon.

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