Hot site protection on the cheap

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In years gone by, fully redundant “hot site” colocation was seen as the gold standard for robust disaster recovery protection.  Having a geographically distinct site with redundant data storage and functionality was certainly good insurance against nearly any imaginable disaster, but of course the cost and complexity of establishing and maintaining distinct functional hot sites were impossible for most businesses to absorb. An array of other options (data-only backup, cold sites that require startup time) came into use as cost-effective alternatives, but each offered significant drawbacks and made it difficult for companies to implement a disaster recovery plan that was both comprehensive and affordable.

However, modern cloud hosting solutions can offer almost all of the advantages of an offsite colocation facility, including their disaster recovery benefits, at a tiny fraction of the setup and running costs.

Since the lifeblood of most modern businesses is their data, data security and accessibility is paramount for any disaster recovery plan. But companies that use a cloud-based solution for day to day operations are already far ahead of the game: this arrangement means that the primary, current data is already secured in a service provider’s data center. As a result, adding measures like additional colocation mirroring, application hosting, web presence and e-mail continuity is extremely easy and affordable.

In addition, world-class cloud computing providers like Atlantic.Net offer robust physical infrastructure benefits that may well have been beyond the reach of even an advanced hot site implementation. Data centers include features like:

  • Carrier neutrality – Multiple redundant internet backbone connections, to ensure connectivity even if an uplink fails.
  • Robust power supply – N+1 UPS supply, plus backup generation
  • Dedicated fulltime security and staffing – Unlike a hotsite, the cloud computing service provider is always staffed and ready to respond to a crisis.
  • Robust physical security – Full-time security staff, reinforced walls and doors, biometric scanners, etc.

Thanks to cloud computing options, you no longer have to make so severe a compromise between disaster recovery functionality and cost.  A quality cloud computing service provider can give you great peace of mind with minimal hassle and expense. Talk to a provider like Atlantic.Net today to see what kind of service package would be right for you.

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