How Can Colocation Benefit Your Business?

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When it comes to hosting your business’ data and/or website, there are many options.  For starters, you can host your server in-house or rent rack space for your server in a data center.  While some companies have the resources and the space to host their own assets, many simply do not.  At, we offer colocation web hosting so you have one less thing to worry about when running your business.  But first things first – what is colocation and how can it benefit your business?

Colocation lets you place your server in a data center, while still keeping ownership of the hardware.  You are renting the space for Internet connectivity and networking.  Colocation generally costs more than standard web hosting, but much less than the cost of a comparable amount of bandwidth at your business, along with the power required to run and cool the hardware.

By using colocation web hosting through a provider like Atlantic.Net, your website will receive higher bandwidth speeds, as well as better redundancy.  If you choose a quality colocation facility, colocation provides the redundancy to guarantee truly reliable uptime.

Another benefit of colocation is improved cooling power.  Most office environments have air conditioning systems that are set to handle a fixed amount of cooling during specific hours.  Therefore, if you add servers to the office environment, the power used is converted to heat that must be cooled, but office air conditioning systems aren’t necessarily made to handle the additional cooling required by many servers.  At Atlantic.Net, our data center in Orlando has high volume air conditioning systems with 100 tons plus .01 tons per square feet floor capacity.

Atlantic.Net understands that every business has unique needs and that’s why we develop colocation solutions tailored specifically to each client.  Call us today at 1-800-521-5881 and one of our knowledgeable IT professionals will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding colocation.  Our world-class colocation hosting is the perfect home for your IT infrastructure.

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