How Can You Make Your Migration to the Cloud More Streamlined?

Adnan Raja
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There are many steps and stages that businesses go through when migrating to a cloud based IT solution.  While you may still be considering the move, or just in the beginning processes of migration, there are ways for you and your employees to ensure a seamless move to the cloud.

Begin slowly.  Not everyone may be as accepting to change, but by starting out small, you can introduce a few projects to your business that could utilize cloud hosting.  Migrating small chunks of data little by little makes it easier for your employees and clients to adjust to the change.  Implementing a test run before you fully migrate an application to the cloud can also help those who are unfamiliar with the cloud to understand its basic functionality.

A good opportunity to clean up your existing data infrastructure is during your move to the cloud.  Evaluate which files and information you plan on moving and organize them into more efficient groups.  Create a plan and categorize as you go, so you do not have to spend money on files that you do not need stored or backed up.

Do not forget to back up your valuable data as you migrate to the cloud.  In the event of a worst-case scenario, you may need to have back up copies of everything before your move.  Regardless if anything goes wrong or not, you will be prepared and your data will be secure.  Disasters can happen to businesses, but cloud computing makes it much more effortless to recover data.

Not only does Atlantic.Net provide you with remote access to your data and the ability to securely share information, but also our cloud allows you to transfer data at increasingly high speeds using our ultra-fast 40 Gigabits Cloud powered by 4x Quad Rate Infiniband speeds.  Between 4 and 40 times faster than our competitors, our stability and speed provide you with the capabilities you need to successfully migrate to the cloud.  Contact us today at 800-521-5881 and speak with an advisor to learn more on how our hosting services can improve your business.

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