Is Private Cloud a Good Fit for You?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many advantages that cloud hosting infrastructure can provide for dynamic modern businesses. When you move your computing infrastructure to the cloud, you gain flexibility, reduce costs, increase reliability and eliminate maintenance.  The most common cloud-based solution is what’s called “public cloud”, where the “cloud server” is a virtualized environment (“virtual machine”) running on high-quality data center hardware. Other virtual machines may be installed on the same physical hardware, though they operate and are accessed independently. This type of solution is very attractive to many startups and independent developers who need flexibility and want the maximum possible resource for a given cost.

However, for certain kinds of businesses, a public cloud solution is a poor fit, or else is prohibited by various regulations. This problem is exacerbated by the way that some cloud service providers handle public cloud data – due to their system architecture, they can’t actually tell customers exactly which physical server is handling their virtual environment. Atlantic.Net doesn’t have this problem; we can always tell you exactly where your data is. But this level of assurance is sometimes not enough.

For instance, companies subject to SEC or HIPAA regulations may need to verify that their data resides on dedicated and exclusive hardware, and some may simply need to handle their data that way in order to satisfy management or customer expectations. For situations like these, a private cloud solution can be ideal. A private cloud is essentially a dedicated cloud-type installation running on private hardware in our data center. A virtualization layer using an Atlantic.Net hypervisor (or hypervisor of your choice) gives all the flexibility and control you expect from a cloud solution, while ensuring that your data never shares hardware. Because of the specific appeal and larger up-front cost, our typical private cloud customer is usually a somewhat larger company of 50 employees or more. However private cloud installations are possible for any size of company.

So if you have a demanding regulatory environment, want to publicize the exclusive hardware used in your IT infrastructure, or simply want to know that your cloud server services are being provided by hardware dedicated to your company, a private cloud may be the solution. Each situation is different, so consult a reputable cloud computing service provider like Atlantic.Net to discuss your case and see if a private cloud is right for you.

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