Join the cloud and be aware of its villainous rival.

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These days, cloud computing is everywhere.  Commercials and articles tout the benefits of cloud’s flexibility, storage, scalability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use.  Cloud computing’s sheer versatility proves that it is indeed a valuable, multi-purpose invention.  However, just like any innovation since the dawn of time, it is dangerous in the wrong hands.  The moment a new technology takes off, an equal and opposite force is born.

Cloud computing’s villainous rivals are botnets, gigantic stormy clouds maneuvered by cybercriminals.  A botnet could be comprised of hundreds of thousands of computer processors.  It identifies weaknesses in a security system and then begins to infect and control it, simultaneously accessing precious data.  The more systems a botnet controls, the stronger its massive cloud becomes.  A botnet could grow at an exponential rate and could even gain so much strength as to be impervious to failures.

The moral of the story:  Do not allow your business and data to be vulnerable to the big, bad botnets.  Data is an organization’s lifeblood and needs to be protected safely around the clock.  Host your data with a trusted hosting solutions provider to ensure its security of your data.

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