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Six Common Pitfalls & Mistakes of Content Marketing

Six Common Pitfalls & Mistakes of Content Marketing - Comic

There’s a huge learning curve with content marketing. Actually, that curve has existed from the beginning because companies have almost always had to use the written word to convey their messages, at least to a segment of their audience. That has always required skill and talent that a company’s leadership may not feel that they possess. Then came social media, which meant more direct interaction with customers and another wrinkle to communication.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) – What’s the Difference?

Sam Guiliano January 22, 2014 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments

When two technologies have a similar function and a similar name, like NAS (network-attached storage) and SAN (storage area network), they can easily be confused. These common storage solutions connect with a network and store files and databases for machines in the network. Cloud server versions of the two perform the same function virtually rather than physically.

Although the similarities between this pair of concepts are obvious, significant factors are separating them as well. We will discuss each storage framework in its basic (non-cloud) form to keep things simple below.

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cPanel Cloud Hosting – Why cPanel Is the Ideal Control Panel for the Cloud

Sam Guiliano January 20, 2014 by under HIPAA Compliant Hosting 0 Comments

Why cPanel is the ideal CP for cloud hosting. WordPress humor.

Per, almost 2/3 of the world’s most prominent web hosting services used cPanel or WHM (with the latter, aka Web Host Manager, an integrated part of the same system) in 2011. It’s a particularly common administrative panel for Linux servers, an open-source alternative to Windows, and the most common UNIX server OS (operating system).

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Cloud Hosting Offers Unique Options For Real Time Applications

The speed and agility of cloud-based web hosting have changed the playing field in many industries, expanding the possibilities of technological applications. One obvious example is medical research. reports that the growing cloud server hosting option is being used in genetic profiling research to allow for much faster and less costly analysis of DNA sequences. Wu Feng, a computer scientist at Virginia Tech, notes that data analysis generally has become more sophisticated because of the speed and scope of the cloud.

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VPS Hosting Providers: Comparison Chart

Kent Roberts January 7, 2014 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments

web hosting surprise comic, vps hosting

Many companies are transitioning from dedicated servers to virtual private servers (VPSs) to take advantage of advances in virtualization technology. VPS software allows servers to be created and configured from a single or multiple machines. In other words, you can either divide one server up into several different virtual servers (standard VPS), or you can combine parts of numerous servers to create the virtual machine (cloud hosting VPS).

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Cloud Hosting Providers: A Comparison Chart

Kent Roberts December 23, 2013 by under HIPAA Compliant Hosting 0 Comments

One of the most difficult things for companies is figuring out which hosting provider to choose because there are so many different factors to consider. They may know they want cloud server hosting, but exploring different services can sometimes get complicated and confusing. Comparison charts allow a simple, side-by-side view of various parameters offered by several different companies so that you can easily determine what you are getting for the price.

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Great Customer service to write home about

Editorial Team December 16, 2013 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments
Comic about good customer service as found at Atlantic.Net

Getting ahead. (This comic, an original by Atlantic.Net, initially appeared on the Olark Facebook page – – linked at the bottom of the piece.)

Frequently tales are told of stellar customer service, but oftentimes those stories involve one individual and one incident. It’s rare that a company can develop methods that make incredible customer service the norm.

Let’s look at several elements of great customer service like the kind provided at Atlantic.Net that can make the experience so memorable; your customers will want to tell their friends or “write home” about it.

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Healthcare IT – Cloud Computing & Managed Server Hosting

This document explains the difference between dedicated, virtual, public cloud, and private HIPAA Cloud Hosting environments, along with essential information that healthcare professionals may require.

We introduce the concept of virtualization, its many benefits, and why it effectively contends with dedicated hosting services. Virtualization has created new possibilities and opportunities for the healthcare segment of technology. Healthcare IT professionals specializing in virtualization technologies have recently found more attractive and lucrative opportunities, especially with the new Healthcare Reform and healthcare IT initiatives introduced during the Obama administration.

Virtualization is the technology behind cloud computing, and it makes a vast pool of network resources a genuine possibility.

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Next Generation DataCenters Solving Healthcare Compliance Issues

Editorial Team December 4, 2013 by under HIPAA Data Centers 0 Comments

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and HITECH stands for Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. Both acts have to do with how health records and data are handled. SSAE 18 is similar. It’s an accounting standard created by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The parameters of all three have enormous implications both for healthcare and for web hosting. Dedicated server and managed hosting services that use next-generation datacenters must ensure that they can meet the requirements as outlined in the compliance requirements of each one of them.

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