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What is Content Curation and how should you do it?

We all know how valuable content is for driving traffic on the web. It’s not just crucial for your site but your social media efforts as well. You may have heard of the concept of content curation. Whether we know it or not (assuming we all have social sharing accounts), we all have curated content […]

How to manage the Black Friday Holiday Web Traffic

If you’re in business online, one of your primary considerations should be – and probably is – making sure that your website will be prepared for peak load. Exactly what peak load means, in terms of real numbers, will always be a matter for debate; but you know that you do not want your site […]

The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

Marketing is all about perspective. You have to be able to see the world through your customer’s eyes, but you also have to get your message in front of their eyes. Both of these tasks – seeing as they see and allowing them to see what you have to say – require increasing technological sophistication […]

HIPAA Overview and Four Questions for Web Hosts About Compliance

For those in healthcare IT, HIPAA has been a major concern since it was passed in 1996. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has two main sections – Title I and Title II. Title I is about portability. In a nutshell, it deals with individual rights related to health insurance, especially group health insurance, […]

How Many GB (Gigabytes) are in a TB (Terabyte)?

One of the key factors to determine when reviewing cloud hosting options is the amount of monthly allowable data transfer. A host will charge a certain amount per megabyte (MB) of additional transfer. Typically you won’t just be “cut off” at that amount. However, the amount that comes standard with the package will give you […]

Mobile Apps are Shifting to Cloud Servers

The parameters of cloud server hosting, like any form of cloud computing, can be foggy and unsure. The below comic expresses the dangers that can be found in a cloud’s gray areas. Regardless of misunderstandings and a range of quality provided by various cloud service providers (CSPs), there is a legitimate reason why so many […]

Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting: Whats the Difference?

Cloud server hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting are increasingly popular ways to deliver a website. These two options appear similar at first glance because they both represent a complete physical dedicated server while being something different. Cloud server hosting is woven into a network, a structure that divides work between servers. A VPS […]

How BYOD is Changing Technology in the Workplace

Without a doubt, you probably own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You may also own two or all three of these devices. With the introduction of smarter mobile technology comes smarter ways of conducting business, and companies are beginning to see the correlation and implementing its benefits like never before. How has the concept of […]

How to use the Cloud for marketing and SEO agencies

Cloud server hosting is a field that is, well, a bit nebulous, as expressed in the below comic.

Migrate to a New WordPress Host in 5 Steps With No Downtime

Some of us are experts at moving sites from one web host or server to another. For those of us who are not in that category, it’s often a task that makes us procrastinate. For a good reason, too. Once everything gets set up and is functioning correctly on our site, it’s natural to be […]