Realizing the Benefits of Virtualization

Adnan Raja
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In the previous post, we gave a broad introduction to virtualization, explaining in a simplistic way what it is and giving you a sense of how it can help your business.  Now, we would like to go into a little more depth about some of the benefits of using virtualization for your hosting services.

Efficiency – Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications within one machine.  This provides an enormous opportunity for server consolidation.  Consolidation translates into cost savings through various factors.  For example, by increasing the utilization of current resources, virtualization enables you to reduce your capital expenditures as well as the existing number of servers in your data center.  This not only frees up physical space in the center because you need less equipment, but also having fewer servers means you save money on the energy required to run the machines.  In addition, lowered electrical power usage means you are going green.

Security – Another major benefit of using virtualization is the security measures that can be associated with it.  One way you are protected is through a concept called redundancy.  Redundancy is the ability to run the same application on multiple servers.  This creates a backup, a secondary way to access what you need.  If the main server running the application fails, another can take its place because it runs the same application.  Virtualization also improves disaster recovery.  By minimizing the amount of hardware needed to maintain your infrastructure, a disaster recovery site becomes much more affordable.

Preparation for the Cloud – With everything moving to the cloud, it is important that your data center be capable of making the move as well.  Virtualization can be considered the core of cloud-based services.  This is a logical conclusion because the more cloud-like your infrastructure is, the easier it will be to bring it to the cloud.  The cloud is all about removing hardware out of the computing equation, making virtualization a great first step in that direction.

The benefits of virtualization can result in significant cost savings.  If you need help making this transition, call Atlantic.Net at 1-800-422-2936.  Our data center in Orlando offers various virtualization options including the Xen, KVM, VMware, and Hyper-V frameworks.  As a leading provider of virtualization and cloud services, we can find the right solution for your business.

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