Should I Move My Enterprise Resource Planning Systems into the Cloud?

Adnan Raja
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems communicate both internal and external company information across the entire organization.  When people think of the term “Enterprise Resource Planning systems”, they often think of “manufacturing systems”.  However, ERP systems can include much more than just manufacturing systems.  For example, ERP systems can be Financial Systems, Human Resource Systems, Supply Chain Systems, Customer Relationship Management, and even Project Management.

Traditionally, ERP systems have been known as operations that must reside onsite with the enterprise.  However, today many companies are moving one or more of their ERP systems into the cloud.  Putting your ERP systems in the cloud is a decision that requires careful thought, but it can be a valuable solution to some of the problems the enterprise may currently be facing.

Moving your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning systems into the cloud makes the operations more easily accessible to users who require access because now all they need is the Internet to be able to access the system.  For companies with several locations spread out over the country, or even the world, cloud hosting can help increase operational efficiency by enabling users at different locations to efficiently and effectively integrate their data with others working in the same system.

In addition, once an ERP system is in the cloud, it becomes much easier to integrate it with other operations because cloud hosting allows for inter-operability.  Connecting one ERP system to another becomes very straightforward.  As for management, overseeing global operations now becomes a matter of implementing a dashboard, instead of keeping up with a wide area network (WAN).

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