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Atlantic.Net Launches $.99 Server “Go” Plan To Push The Advancement Of Startup Innovation

This plan is no longer available as of April 7, 2015

The $.99 Server “Go” plan includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD virtual machine, 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth which will dramatically reduce the cost of developing the next big idea

We are pleased to announce the availability of our newly launched $.99 server “Go” plan. Aggressively priced, the new server includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth (unlimited inbound bandwidth). Also included is A+B redundant power on each server, enterprise SSDs, RAID redundant storage, multiple Internet uplinks, optional backup, and much more.

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Compare Atlantic.Net Cloud VPS Hosting – Important Considerations (Comic)

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A typical question one of our customers asks us is, “What is your advantage over other cloud providers?” We know at Atlantic.Net that we are just one of many options for cloud hosting. There are numerous ways in which we set ourselves apart. Here are some of the hallmarks of the service that makes Atlantic.Net the best cloud hosting provider in the industry:

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Cloud Hosting Providers: Comparison Chart

One of the most difficult things for companies is trying to figure out which hosting provider to choose because there are so many different factors to consider. They may know they want cloud hosting, but exploring different services can sometimes get complicated and confusing. Comparison charts allow a simple, side-by-side view of various parameters offered by a number of different companies, so that you can easily determine what you are getting for the price.

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Should You Own or Outsource Your Data Center?

Back in the day, it was not abnormal for even the smallest of companies to run their own servers. Sure, they may have been unorganized, inefficient and possibly even a fire hazard, but there simply were no other options. Today, businesses are increasingly coming to realize that technology has improved and there are alternatives. As a business owner, should you run your own data center or outsource your data storage and computing needs from a third‐party vendor

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High Availability Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Highly reliable computing resources are a must for any modern business. Critical business functions like e-mail, inventory management, online presence, scheduling, data protection, or remote collaboration all depend on these resources. Downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour and seriously hurt your bottom line.

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Cloud Hosting: Access a Range of Hosted Services

This is the last in a series of four posts exploring how cloud computing offers significant advantages to companies who want to scale their business.

In this post: Help Us Help You: The Larger World of Hosted Cloud Server Services

As we’ve discussed, switching to cloud servers means you’re becoming a smarter business and tailoring your server resources to match your real-time needs. In addition to servers, cloud hosting providers like offer a range of hosted services which can provide you with even more flexibility, scalability, and savings.

What are hosted services?

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Cloud Hosting Flexibility: Scale Services In Real-Time

This is the second in a series of four posts exploring how cloud hosting offers significant advantages to companies who want to scale their business.

In this post: Scalable computing grows with businesses.

One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is its scalability. This is just another way of saying that it’s easy to add or remove computing capacity, bandwidth, storage and user accounts. Since you don’t need to have any hardware or software installed locally, it’s extremely easy to add more capacity when you need it, or decommission capacity when it’s sitting idle.  The model is very flexible!

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Cloud Hosting: A Flexible Resource For Scaling Your Business

Cloud hosting breaks free of an outdated in-house IT model, and positions modern businesses for rapid growth.

Modern business people know that computer-driven services are vital to organizing and running a business:

  • Email and scheduling
  • Document sharing
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Supply chain management systems
  • Web presence
  • Online ordering systems

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