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Website Hosting for e-Commerce Sites

Glenn January 21, 2013 by under Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

With the increase of credit and debit card usage, as well as the increased confidence in online buying, the e-commerce industry has been trending over the past few years.  E -commerce is a term for any type of business transaction involving the transfer of information across the Internet.  It covers a wide range of different types of businesses from consumer-based retail sites to businesses exchanging goods and services online.

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How Can Enterprises Benefit from On-Demand Computing?

Adnan Raja January 15, 2013 by under Cloud Hosting, Marketing 0 Comments

On-demand computing is quickly becoming a very popular enterprise computing model, but what exactly does on-demand computing mean?  On-demand computing is a business computing model in which computing resources are made available to the user on an “as needed” basis.  Rather than all at once, on-demand computing allows cloud hosting companies to provide their clients with access to computing resources as they become necessary.

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Why Choose a Cloud Provider over a Web Host?

Joel December 20, 2012 by under Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

Unless your business has the capability and resources to maintain a large server on-site, you probably use a provider to host your website.  The provider offers some type of Internet hosting service that allows your business’ website to be accessible over the Internet.  In essence, the provider stores the website’s HTML files, graphics, etc, for a fee and makes them available to computers and other devices connected to the Internet.  However, there are a few notable differences between companies that act solely as web hosts and companies, like Atlantic.Net, that provide full cloud-based business support.

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Atlantic.Net offers Free Cloud Services to Those Affected by Data Center Issues in Northeastern US

Atlantic.Net offers relief to businesses affected by data center outages due to Hurricane Sandy.

Atlantic.Net (, a privately-held leading hosting solutions provider announced today that they will be offering relief to those affected by the Northeastern US data center outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Atlantic.Net is offering free cloud server hosting services to businesses that rely on data centers currently experiencing issues due to the storm.

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Newer Cloud Servers with 40Gigabit Infiniband vs. 1GB or 10GB Correlate to Faster and Better Performance

Adnan Raja October 24, 2012 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

If you’re starting to notice a system slowdown as your busy server and cloud connections struggle to handle your ever-increasing data volume, you’re ready to upgrade. Newer cloud servers with 40Gigabit infiniband vs. 1GB or 10GB can take you to a higher bandwidth and lower latency (Latency is another word for noticeable lag time between server and client. Low latency is important in user interface applications as well as processing large amounts of data backup.)

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Cloud Hosting Flexibility: Scale Services In Real-Time

Glenn December 1, 2010 by under Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

This is the second in a series of four posts exploring how cloud hosting offers significant advantages to companies who want to scale their business.

In this post: Scalable computing grows with businesses.

One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is its scalability. This is just another way of saying that it’s easy to add or remove computing capacity, bandwidth, storage and user accounts. Since you don’t need to have any hardware or software installed locally, it’s extremely easy to add more capacity when you need it, or decommission capacity when it’s sitting idle.  The model is very flexible!

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What Impact Will Cloud Computing Have On Social Media?

Cloud computing is a big buzzword in the IT industry right now.  Seemingly every company, networking event, or news story mentions cloud computing and the hype that surrounds it.  While there are major differences in opinion about the pros and cons of the technology, there are tremendous benefits associated with it.  For example, the technology can help start-up companies innovate and create rational business models that were not possible previously.  Thanks to cloud computing and server virtualization technologies, start-ups are now better leveraged to succeed in the deflationary economy than ever before!

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