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Scalable Flexibility: Custom Dedicated Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts November 17, 2014 by under Dedicated Hosting, Marketing 0 Comments

Hosting solutions are usually offered as standardized packages so that they are easier to price and understand. However, it’s often difficult to figure out what to start with and how you can adapt along the way. You need to make sure that the solution you choose is flexible enough to scale with your business, as indicated by this recent interaction between our hosting consultant and a real client (edited and anonymized for clarity and privacy):

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The Truth About the Pay-As-You-Use Model

Michelle July 18, 2013 by under VPS 0 Comments

 Everywhere, cloud hosting providers are promoting their cloud solutions, using phrases  like “the Cloud provides a cost-effective option for hosting your data” but how true is this statement? The main reason companies move to the Cloud is the belief that the switch will save them more money than if they were to go with another solution, such as dedicated hosting or even virtual private server (VPS) hosting. It is important to note, however, that with some cloud hosting plans offered by certain, less-reputable vendors, there’s a catch.

Consider your utility bills—water, electricity, trash and so on. These bills are pretty consistent and stable throughout the year, and you’re only required to pay for what you use. Billing for a cloud hosting solution is very similar: you pay for the data and resources that you use and nothing more.

But what happens if your website suddenly sees a significant increase in traffic due to some sort of viral phenomenon or current event? Usage spikes are hardly predicable and can cost your company a great deal of money.

It is the responsibility of the client to handle resources consumed during times of increased usage, or handling the set up of automatic software tools that take care of the issue. When clients pay little attention to the consumed data or are irresponsible in maintaining the framework, costs begin to skyrocket.

So, as with electricity and water consumption, users need to responsible in keeping costs down. Make sure that your usage is justified, so that you only pay for what is actually needed.

At Atlantic.Net, our comprehensive cloud solutions begin at just $0.007 per hour, so you don’t need to worry excessively about usage—let us take care of that for you. To try it out for yourself, contact us today.

Dedicated Hosting for Executive Management – Simplified!

Glenn August 18, 2010 by under Dedicated Hosting, Marketing 0 Comments

As businesses shift toward a stronger web presence and e-commerce, small business owners are increasingly concerned about the security, maintenance, and administration of their data. Business owners still have inquiring minds and are baffled and confused despite the best efforts of technology professionals to answer these important questions. In an attempt to thwart this confusion, I teamed with our engineers to compile answers to frequently asked questions from small business owners and, in essence, removed the “Geek Speak” for some clear and concise answers.

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Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Computing or Virtualization?

Glenn December 18, 2009 by under Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

In the world of gigabits and terabytes there is a lot going on – new products are being developed and the plethora of information that you have been told about securing your data as a business owner can be, from time to time, overwhelming. You aren’t the CIO and you don’t employ an arsenal of IT staff to help guide you through the decision of migrating your data into a secure Data Center . You’re inundated with choices and weary of company salesmen who may or may not be trying to over sell you. Every web hosting service has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial for every business owner to familiarize themselves with the different types of services a Hosting Provider offers before researching your data center . So how do you know what service is the right fit for your company?  Continue to read and see where you feel your company fits best before signing on the dotted line.

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