Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Servers vs. the Cloud

Choosing any type of hosting solution for your website and applications will undoubtedly get you started, but in order to maximize your budget and achieve your business goals, it is critical to choose the correct solution for your individual demands. In this blog post, we will analyze the differences between a VPS and the cloud and see which option is best for you.

A virtual private server (VPS) configuration provides a web-based machine that emulates a private, dedicated server. This option allows for complete configuration, customization and administration of the software and hardware.

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Spotlight on Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an extremely customizable solution recommended for large organizations.  Unlike with shared cloud hosting, a dedicated hosting plan requires no sharing of the server because you lease an entire server and have complete control over it.  True to its name, a dedicated hosting plan is completely devoted to your business’ applications, websites, and platforms.

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How to Know When It Is Time for Your Small Business to Get a Dedicated Server

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If your business is utilizing the cloud through a shared hosting plan, you are sharing a server with other entities.  However, with a dedicated server, resources are not shared, meaning the server is reserved with 100% of the resources allocated to you.  In other words, no two entities share Internet connectivity, hardware, disk space, etc.

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Types of Hosting Servers

If you just spent the last few months creating or redesigning a website, the last thing you want to experience is any sort of downtime caused by overloading the server from an increase in your number of site visitors.  When it comes to hosting services, there are three basic options to choose from.  Understanding the differences between the platforms can allow you to make the best decision for your specific business’ needs.

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How to migrate from a dedicated server to the cloud?

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If you are a startup, or your in-house IT infrastructure needs an upgrade:

Virtual Cloud Server
The simplest, cleanest solution for making the move to the cloud: set up a virtual server running on our professional-grade data center hardware, transfer your data, and immediately you have access to a flexible, upgradeable, fully-managed server that can transition your existing business functions, or serve as a building block for future expansion.

Dedicated Cloud Server
If you need or want exclusive hardware, consider a dedicated cloud server: all the advantages of a virtual server, but with dedicated hardware for increased performance and easier regulatory compliance.

If your in-house hardware still has some life in it:

Hybrid or Private Cloud
Hybrid and Private cloud are both solutions that incorporate your existing corporate IT hardware into a managed data center environment. The main difference is as follows. In a hybrid cloud, you retain some servers in-house and Atlantic.Net establishes a network of resources shared between those in-house machines and dedicated hardware at our data center. In a private cloud, the hardware is entirely secured in the data center. Either one can be a valuable option, but to determine what’s right for you it’s best to discuss with a professional adviser at Atlantic.Net.

Virtualized Environment
And if you have a peculiar set of requirements that doesn’t fall under one of the categories listed above, talk to a professional at Atlantic.Net to see what kind of fully virtualized solution is possible for your business – and what kind of savings it can mean for your bottom line.

Please remember: this post details some general guidelines, but your present situation and future needs will affect what kind of solution is right for you. The best way forward is always to talk to an expert, so contact Atlantic.Net today.

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