Electronic Medical Records

HIPAA compliant hosting requirements: easy, solution-oriented checklist

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Many types of businesses in the medical field or an affiliated industry must meet the stipulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, so HIPAA compliant hosting requirements are essential to know. The real issue with compliance that’s not enjoyable is, well, all of it. Nobody wants to have to think about a bunch of regulations. However, none of it is that difficult to understand.

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Electronic Medical Records Made Easy With Managed Hosting

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The complexity of our health care system has grown over the years making it more difficult for practitioners to stay informed about their patients health histories. Electronic Medical Records will help solve this problem. This method reduces the amount of paperwork involved in the process; while at the same time increasing access to these records by making them available electronically. EMR/EHR systems enable the practitioner to view a patient’s complete health event summary, historical reports and previous treatment records. This has resulted in an enormous gain in productivity in practices staffed with multiple physicians. The advantages are also evident in regard to patients with multiple aliments and in emergency medical situations.

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Electronic Medical Records in a Data Center Environment

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Physicians today are faced with many obstacles due to recent regulations created by Health Care Reform. Some practitioners are asking themselves, “How do I provide outstanding quality health care in the face of an increasingly complex regulatory system? Where am I going to find the time and resources to implement an EMR system?” Many doctors are in the precarious position of having to manage and troubleshoot complex IT, EMR and billing systems. Keeping up to date with the latest HIPAA and HITECH compliance and security requirements is expensive, time consuming, and difficult.

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