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From Storage Closet to Data Center: Transitioning to the Cloud (A True Story)

It really is true – the most successful businesses often have surprisingly humble beginnings. Take, for instance, the Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team based in Livingston County, Michigan. The 10-employee business relied on Chris Jolley, the tech-savvy son of co-owner Karen Jolley, to maintain the company server and perform nightly backups of the data. When Chris Jolley decided to leave the company, his final task was to find his replacement.

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Some Benefits of Managed Server Hosting You May Not Have Considered

A large corporation often has the money, time and employees available to maintain an internal server’s infrastructure. However, if you are the average business owner, it is highly likely that you do not have access to such copious resources. The concept of managed server hosting may initially appear intimidating and confusing, but utilizing such a plan is often much more sensible than running your own network.

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Advantages of Managed Cloud Server Hosting for Small Businesses

If you own and/or operate a small business, you know that having a web presence is essential, but maintaining it can put a lot on your plate.  Sometimes it is simply better to outsource a task like server management to a cloud server hosting provider and let the experts do their job to help your business.  If your company is considering a managed hosting solution, consider the following benefits this service can offer:

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Cloud Hosting Flexibility: A Key Advantage for Disaster Recovery Solutions

We all know that cloud-based computing solutions offer tremendous flexibility – not only can you set up, change or decommission servers in a matter of minutes, but additional managed hosting features are readily available, and the costs are much more affordable than those for in-house IT, with a fraction of the up-front outlay. These features are of great use in normal operations, but they are crucial for the realm of disaster recovery as well.

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Service Spotlight: Managed Hosting

A full-service managed hosting option means your servers are always available

In a previous Service Spotlight, we discussed the advantages of a Private Cloud – i.e. cloud applications running on dedicated hardware. Our dedicated servers allow full client access, of course, but if you want the best ease of use, you should consider Managed Hosting as an add-on to your server package.  Managed Hosting is simply an arrangement by which a service provider like Atlantic.Net can take care of the day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support required to keep your servers online. And of course, we’re on-site if anything goes wrong.

Managed Hosting is our way of extending the many benefits of cloud computing to as large a number of clients as possible. One of the great benefits of cloud computing – in fact, the key benefit – is that you don’t have to manage a physical, dedicated server. Instead, you can simply obtain the functions of that server through a cloud interface. However, some businesses are required to maintain their own dedicated hardware, and some simply prefer to know that there’s a dedicated machine assigned to their business. For situations like these, Managed Hosting bridges the gap – allowing you to have a dedicated server without dedicating yourself to monitoring, upgrading, troubleshooting and replacing it.

Some of the key benefits of Managed Hosting with Atlantic.Net are:

  • 100% uptime for your servers with our Uptime Guarantee
  • One hour guaranteed replacement of failed hardware
  • Management and maintenance of server hardware
  • 24x7x365 troubleshooting and support
  • Patches and updates for server OS
  • Bi-weekly security scans to detect any vulnerabilities
  • Unlimited daily secure backup, archiving for at least 1 month

Our dedicated servers use only the best commercial-grade components and can be configured to meet your exact specifications. If pure cloud computing isn’t the right fit for you, we can still provide much of the same support and ease of use, saving you money and freeing you to focus on growing your business.

For a full list of Managed Hosting options, visit our website or contact our sales team at or (800) 521-5881.

Atlantic.Net signs partnership agreement with Complete Healthcare Solutions

Orlando, FL- August 4, 2010 – Today, Atlantic.Net (, a privately held, high-performance managed hosting provider announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Complete Healthcare Solutions (, a global leader in medical software solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Atlantic.Net will power CHS’ medical software with turnkey managed hosting backed by SAS 70 certified infrastructure.

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Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Computing or Virtualization?

In the world of gigabits and terabytes there is a lot going on – new products are being developed and the plethora of information that you have been told about securing your data as a business owner can be, from time to time, overwhelming. You aren’t the CIO and you don’t employ an arsenal of IT staff to help guide you through the decision of migrating your data into a secure Data Center . You’re inundated with choices and weary of company salesmen who may or may not be trying to over sell you. Every web hosting service has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial for every business owner to familiarize themselves with the different types of services a Hosting Provider offers before researching your data center . So how do you know what service is the right fit for your company?  Continue to read and see where you feel your company fits best before signing on the dotted line.

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