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From Storage Closet to Data Center: Transitioning to the Cloud (A True Story)

Eddie April 18, 2013 by under Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

It really is true – the most successful businesses often have surprisingly humble beginnings. Take, for instance, the Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team based in Livingston County, Michigan. The 10-employee business relied on Chris Jolley, the tech-savvy son of co-owner Karen Jolley, to maintain the company server and perform nightly backups of the data. When Chris Jolley decided to leave the company, his final task was to find his replacement.

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Advantages of Managed Cloud Server Hosting for Small Businesses

Joel February 28, 2013 by under Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

If you own and/or operate a small business, you know that having a web presence is essential, but maintaining it can put a lot on your plate.  Sometimes it is simply better to outsource a task like server management to a cloud server hosting provider and let the experts do their job to help your business.  If your company is considering a managed hosting solution, consider the following benefits this service can offer:

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