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Cloud computing application: forklift weight & usage data (& comic)

cloud web hosting data joke

The speed and agility of cloud-based web hosting has change the playing field in many industries, expanding the possibilities of technological application. One obvious example is medical research. reports that the cloud is being used in genetic profiling research to allow for a much faster and less costly analysis of DNA sequences. Wu Feng, a computer scientist at Virginia Tech, notes that data analysis generally has become more sophisticated because of the speed and scope of the cloud.

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Healthcare IT – A Decision Maker’s Guide to Cloud Computing and Managed Server Hosting

Doctors Examining X-ray Image

This document explains the difference between dedicated, virtual, public cloud, and private cloud hosting environments; along with essential information that healthcare professionals may require.

We introduce the concept of virtualization, its many benefits, and the reasons why it effectively contends with dedicated hosting services. Virtualization has created new possibilities and opportunities for the healthcare segment of technology. Healthcare IT professionals specializing in virtualization technologies have recently found more attractive and lucrative opportunities, especially with the new Healthcare Reform and healthcare IT initiatives introduced during the Obama administration.

Virtualization is the technology behind cloud computing, and it makes a vast pool of network resources a genuine possibility.

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Is It Possible To Make Cloud Computing Less Cloudy?

We need to articulate ourselves well when we discuss cloud computing. The user community without the correct understanding of cloud will assume there is a lot of jargon thrown out there: Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Virtualization etc.

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“Hey, You, Get Off of my Cloud”

3 Private Cloud Benefits (per VMware)… & Jokes

Mick Jagger always wanted his own cloud. Keith Richards was always hanging out on the couch at the end of his cloud, scaring away all the ladies. Finally, the web hosting world has a cloud available for Jagger. So… What exactly is the private cloud, and why might it be a good thing for the Rolling Stones and everyone else?

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Private Cloud vs. Virtualized Environment

In a previous post, we explored the value of a “private cloud” solution for clients who want the advantages of getting their IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but who also need to comply with particular data privacy regulations. Private cloud is often compared to (or confused with) “virtualized environments” or “virtualization”. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that different service providers use the terms in slightly different, often overlapping, ways. However, at Atlantic.Net we believe there’s an important difference between the two, and we’re very proud of the private clouds we’ve deployed as well as the sophisticated virtualized environments we’ve developed for clients in a range of industries.

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Is Private Cloud a Good Fit for You?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many advantages that cloud hosting infrastructure can provide for dynamic modern businesses. When you move your computing infrastructure to the cloud, you gain flexibility, reduce costs, increase reliability and eliminate maintenance.  The most common cloud-based solution is what’s called “public cloud”, where the “cloud server” is a virtualized environment (“virtual machine”) running on high-quality data center hardware. Other virtual machines may be installed on the same physical hardware, though they operate and are accessed independently. This type of solution is very attractive to many startups and independent developers who need flexibility and want the maximum possible resource for a given cost.

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Service Spotlight: Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud services link together remote and local IT infrastructure – leveraging existing hardware and providing a wide range of cloud computing options.

Cloud hosting is all about providing modern businesses with computing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. In many cases, this involves setting up computing services on shared or private hardware in one of our datacenters, and accessing those resources over the Internet. This model dramatically cuts down on IT costs, and it can be ideal for small companies or companies looking for rapid growth. But what if you already have substantial established IT resources?  Those resources may not be adaptable enough to meet your company’s current computing needs, but they still have tremendous value.  If only there were some way to layer cloud applications onto local hardware!

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Service Spotlight: Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Private Cloud services blend dedicated hardware with a layer of cloud applications for exceptional efficiency, scalability and security.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how cloud hosting is a powerful and flexible IT solution, and a perfect fit for many growing businesses. One of the key features of cloud computing is that its infrastructure is transparent – i.e., the cloud applications and virtual machines run on shared hardware in one of our datacenters. This is the best model for most clients, since shared hardware offers high flexibility and cost-effective implementation along with industry-standard security measures.

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Choosing a Cloud Service Provider – A fresh perspective from Web 2.0 conference 2010!

Cloud computing has been steadily gaining momentum in contending with the managed server and dedicated server markets.  For some, there are serious advantages to cloud computing.  For others, there are major reservations, but this is understandable since cloud computing is still in its early phases of deployment.  For early adopters of cloud computing, there are various platform options available but a lot of confusion and hype involved as well.  One has to diligently do their homework when evaluating options.  When Atlantic.Net sponsored the Annual Web2.0 conference this year in San Francisco, cloud computing was the topic of conversation among many attendees.  Believe it or not, there were almost eight cloud hosting service providers in attendance as well as all the major server colocation and managed server hosting providers and all were showcasing their latest cloud offerings.  Even though Atlantic.Net is still beta-testing our cloud product, we are confident that our cloud will outperform and outlast most available cloud products. 

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