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Choosing a Cloud Service Provider – A fresh perspective from Web 2.0 conference 2010!

Cloud computing has been steadily gaining momentum in contending with the managed server and dedicated server markets.  For some, there are serious advantages to cloud computing.  For others, there are major reservations, but this is understandable since cloud computing is still in its early phases of deployment.  For early adopters of cloud computing, there are various platform options available but a lot of confusion and hype involved as well.  One has to diligently do their homework when evaluating options.  When Atlantic.Net sponsored the Annual Web2.0 conference this year in San Francisco, cloud computing was the topic of conversation among many attendees.  Believe it or not, there were almost eight cloud hosting service providers in attendance as well as all the major server colocation and managed server hosting providers and all were showcasing their latest cloud offerings.  Even though Atlantic.Net is still beta-testing our cloud product, we are confident that our cloud will outperform and outlast most available cloud products. 

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