The Buzz on Partnerships in 2010 – Integrators Increase ROI with Managed Hosting!

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We were recently interviewed by the Redmond Magazine .  This publication has a captured an audience of IT consultants, service providers, and Microsoft Certified Partners, many of which cater to small and mid-size business clients.  They wanted to know what advice and strategies we could offer to the integrators in this complicated economic climate.  They also wanted to understand about the new pricing model for IT provider’s and their products and services.  In addition they asked if the bundling of newer products might be a good marketing strategy for 2010.  Please read the entire article published by the Redmond Magazine .

I thought it would be beneficial to share our point of view with our Channel Partners and our readers!  The economy of 2010 is not the same as that of the previous 15-20 years, which was mostly fueled by technology and real-estate bubbles.  Many businesses were thriving, not because they created value, but rather because they had been at the right place at the right time.  In the “new world economy”, that is simply not the case anymore.  Prosperity in 2010 and in the coming years is going to require the creation of new product sets with a solid value proposition.  Every decision is going to have to make perfect sense.  With businesses looking to cut costs and reduce the bottom line, IT advancements and development have become essential in enable businesses to cut their IT budget while remaining profitable.  This is in stark contrast to the last 20 years, when the business community invested in IT just to keep up with their growth.

It’s not even as much about pricing your product competitively anymore; rather, it’s more about value creation, which fuels a return on investment for the business.  Additionally, businesses are more interested in faster returns as opposed to perceived values that do not provide ROI immediately, if at all.  2010 marks an era in which long term returns on IT investments are a thing of the past.  IT integrators should be bundling new product sets that allow businesses to move away from traditional products and legacy business models that are, in some cases, outdated.  One way to help integrate the new, efficient product sets is to partner with IT integrators.  This method has helped a number of our partnerships .  One way that we have helped our partners is by equipping them with new tools and product sets that the integrators have introduced to us.  This win-win strategy allows them to stay ahead of the curve by offering the new, in demand products.  One such example is with our newly formalized partnership with I-TECH , a Microsoft Certified Partner and integrator.  They have made significant changes to their product sets by adding services like Server Colocation, Dedicated Servers and Managed Services .  This will allow their clients to not only continue to receive the same outstanding level of service that I-TECH is noted for, but will also allow them the access to data center services and customer care of those services, all under the I-TECH umbrella.  In so doing, they are growing organically as their customers begin to explore the new services offered through our partnership.

We look forward to working with smart integrators like I-TECH for many years to come and we feel our Channel Partner model will spawn a revolution, while helping to reinvent the partner world, where we all can enjoy the advantages of mutually beneficial partnerships.

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