Why Should I Build a Mobile App?

Adnan Raja
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Mobile cloud application is a growing market.  Analysts guess that there will be over 20 times the amount of mobile cloud based applications in 2014 compared to the amount in 2009.  The popularity of mobile cloud-based applications is due to the utility these apps can give companies, mobile device users, and developers.

Once a company develops a mobile cloud application, employees are able to share resources and applications without a high level of capital expenditure on hardware and/or software.  As long as they have a connection to the Internet, employees can access their desktop remotely from any mobile device.  Remote desktop access brings increased productivity for employees, as they are able to securely access files and data backups while they are away from the office.  Also, mobile cloud computing encourages company users to learn multi-device content management skills.

Developers can also gain real advantages from mobile cloud computing.  Since cloud computing applications are run through a browser instead of the user’s mobile operating system, mobile cloud computing gives developers access to a very wide market.  Programmers only need to create one version of the program to have access to every mobile device user.  The larger market allows developers to build programs at a lower cost.

The key challenge for cloud computing is network availability and intermittency because a cloud application needs a constant connection to the Internet to be effective.  However, as mobile Internet capabilities continue to improve, solutions for this problem are beginning to arise.  For example, the new programming language, HTML 5, has already provided a solution in which data is cached through the user’s mobile device.  This allows the mobile cloud application to continue working while the Internet connection has been temporarily lost.

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that enables companies to maximize efficiency through mobile applications.  It also enables developers to build programs more economically.  If you are building a mobile cloud application, choose Atlantic.Net’s cloud computing platform to host the app.  Our proven performance in connectivity, advanced computing, and hosting solutions enable us to provide customized solutions with complex technologies.  Call 1-800-422-2936 today to learn more about our cloud computing solutions!

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