Why You Should Consider Cloud-Based Email Archiving

Adnan Raja
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Email is the most critical communication tool businesses use today.  Therefore, it is essential to have a stable and reliable solution that allows employees to access email when and how they need it.  There are many email archiving solutions available as products and services in the cloud and the adoption of cloud-based email archiving solutions is growing at a much quicker rate than that of in-house email solutions.

Email archiving solutions enable businesses to store, collect, and monitor data exchanged by users.  They provide long-term storage of messages and include tools such as search, retrieval, and collaboration functions.  In addition to email, most archiving solutions can also store and manage other types of electronic content including instant messaging, contacts, calendars, and files.
With cloud-based email archiving solutions, you can easily scale resources based on demand.  On the other hand, in-house solutions require companies to buy more servers to accommodate the growing number of messages.  Also, cloud-based archiving solutions often offer the best and latest services in conjunction with archiving, such as data loss prevention and email continuity.  These services can be costly to deploy in-house, and are therefore much more affordable when included in a cloud-based solution.

By archiving emails in the cloud, it is easier to prove that your messages have not been tampered with because you are putting them in the custody of a third party, your cloud hosting provider.  This is helpful because in the case of a lawsuit or an audit, it is easier to prove the authenticity of records.  Your hosting provider can also help you ensure that the latest in regulatory requirements and compliance needs are met.
For most businesses, archiving emails in the cloud offers unlimited, secure archiving at predictable costs and no significant upfront investment.  Companies should therefore evaluate cloud archiving, as a valuable, cost-effective, and secure option for meeting their needs.  At Atlantic.Net, we provide email hosting solutions at a fixed price.  Share with us your vision and goals and we will develop an email hosting environment tailored to your specific needs.  Contact an advisor at 800-521-5881 or email us at [email protected] to learn more!

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