Windows cloud VPS vs. Linux cloud VPS

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One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a virtual private server (VPS) is whether a Linux or Windows-based option is right for you.  While IT professionals often swear by one or another, these two systems are aimed at meeting the requirements of two different types of users.  Windows and Linux are both very different operating systems, with Linux being an open source operating system that is free to use and Windows a commercial operating system.  While many basic functions are shared between the two, the prices and uses of a Windows Cloud Hosting VPS and a Linux VPS are very different.

The main advantage of using a Windows VPS server instead of a Linux VPS server is the support offered for classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts, as this may be very important for some people because their website may not function correctly otherwise.  A Windows VPS server will also be able to offer you support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases, which can be beneficial to you if you are looking to host a classic ASP or ASP.NET-based website because, most likely, your website utilizes a database backend of either a Microsoft SQL Server database or a Microsoft Access database.  Remote Desktop access is another feature that Windows VPS servers can offer over Linux VPS servers.

For a user with more basic needs but who still has the need for a VPS server, a Linux VPS server is going to be more than sufficient.  The main advantage that a Linux Cloud Hosting VPS server will be able to offer you over a Windows VPS server is lower web hosting costs, which for most people is a determining factor.  A Linux VPS server may also be able to offer you better reliability than a Windows VPS server because of the fact that Linux servers can be optimized much more than Windows servers.  Therefore, they can easily be made to be more reliable and to have increased overall performance.  A Linux VPS server will also offer you direct SSH access to your own web hosting environment, which is valuable to some users since it allows them to directly interact with their own VPS server and accomplish tasks much quicker.

Windows VPS and Linux VPS both have much to offer, but it is important to remember that they are aimed at different types of users.  As with most web hosting services, it is imperative that you compare the many different Windows VPS server hosting services and Linux VPS server hosting services that are available so that you can make an informed decision on which web hosting package meets your specific requirements.  At Atlantic.Net, we offer both Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting.  Call 800.521.5881 today to speak with an advisor regarding the Cloud Hosting package that is right for you!

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