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Solid State Drives are on the Rise due to Efficiency and Price

Sam Guiliano May 31, 2014 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

Cloud Hosting is on the Rise. Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server, SSD Cloud Hosting, reliable cloud hosting.

We recently drafted a piece for Wired on Cloud Hosting trends (submitted but not yet published at this writing). One of the trends we discussed in the article is the transition from hard disk drives (HDD’s) to solid state drives (SSD’s) by cloud service providers. Although this development is still in the “early adopter” phase, we expect SSD’s to become a standard expectation by the end of 2014.

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VPS Mail Server – SMTP for Cloud VPS: A Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts April 24, 2014 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

SMTP for Cloud VPS Mail Server – A Real World Scenario

Looking to set up a VPS mail server? Atlantic.Net can help. We do our best to learn from our customers and provide content in our blog that is relevant to their needs. While we have broad information available through our site, clients often turn to our support staff for detailed queries.

By gathering questions from our hosting consultants, we are able to better tailor the information we provide to meet user needs. We call this series of everyday interactions between our clients and our consultants Real World Scenarios.

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How Does a Load Balancer Work? What Is Load Balancing?

Sam Guiliano January 30, 2014 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

What Is Load Balancing and how does it Really Work?

Load balancing methods have expanded and increased in sophistication tremendously since the advent of cloud computing.  Cloud  structure that is built fundamentally to optimize the balance of loads on the individual devices that make up the cloud network. However, this piece is more of an introduction, so we will focus on the basic idea of what load balancing is, along with extrapolation into three sample types: perceptive, fastest response time, and weighted round robin.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) – What’s the Difference?

Sam Guiliano January 22, 2014 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

When two technologies have a similar function and a similar name, like NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network), they can easily be confused. Both of these common storage solutions connect with a network and store files and databases for machines in the network. Cloud server versions of the two perform the same function virtually rather than physically.

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What is Operating Systems Management?

Sam Guiliano November 20, 2013 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

As we all know, information technology is a vast field with many different facets. Staying abreast of all pertinent information and prioritizing all aspects appropriately is a tall order. Often, enterprises and SMBs find that certain tasks are better handled by an outside entity that specializes in specific aspects of tech and has the tools available to quickly and accurately diagnose and solve problems.

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How to manage the Black Friday Holiday Web Traffic

Sam Guiliano November 8, 2013 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

If you’re in business online, one of your primary considerations should be – and probably is – making sure that your website will be prepared for peak load. Exactly what peak load means, in terms of real numbers, will always be a matter for debate; but you know that you do not want your site to go down at times when your business is achieving its highest levels of success.

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Benefits of Managed Hosting

Joel April 16, 2013 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

A large corporation often has the money, time and employees available to maintain an internal server’s infrastructure. However, if you are the average business owner, it is highly likely that you do not have access to such copious resources. The concept of a managed cloud hosting service may initially appear intimidating and confusing, but utilizing such a plan is often much more sensible than running your own network.

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