Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

High Performance Cloud Computing.

How different is cloud computing from cloud storage?

Think of cloud storage as a data container. It is where you store your information. Storing data in the cloud allows you to share access to it with people in remote locations. It also helps relieve the memory and processing power of your in-house servers.

Cloud computing processes data. It sorts the aggregate input collected in a cloud server to make it legible, relevant and actionable and sends it back to your local device. Cloud computing is how fitness trackers turn raw stats like steps and heart rate into elegant graphs in your fitness app. It’s also how SaaS turns POS transactions into insightful sales trends for your company.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Because of its speed and interconnectivity, cloud computing set the stage for better collaboration, transparency, and efficiency. It reduces barriers to communication and makes it easier to connect with a wider group of users, including customers and contractors.

As the underlying system managing high-traffic websites, databases and storage, cloud computing maximizes your IT efficiency and lowers your costs, making you a competitive player in the cloud economy.

How Atlantic.Net can meet your Cloud Computing needs?

Atlantic.Net offers its customers a scalable, industrial grade cloud computing platform. Backed by a solid infrastructure, our team of experienced engineers will help you set up and manage complex networks, servers and storage.

Our experience in hosting, super-connectivity, and advanced computing created the tools that empower innovators to think disruptively and act fast.

You’ll gain access to the best cloud computing solutions on the market. Previously only accessible to organizations with limitless IT budgets, our tools will allow you to democratize your resources to rapidly turn your ideas into products. Our unique cloud computing technology takes care of latency, robustness, and scalability. It links all facets of your organization inside a secure container opening new communication channels and surfacing previously hidden patterns.

Choose from our Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) solutions that best meet your business needs. Deploy and integrate on-premise resources with cloud processing to achieve seamless performance. Instead of building and managing applications on legacy servers, boost your efficiency with cloud computing and facilitate collaborations that help scale human potential.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Industry Leading Cloud Service

Industry Leading Cloud Service

Provides cloud server infrastructure and a 100% guarantee of network’s uptime. Appealing to organizations looking to get going and scale.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

Reduces costs associated with managing and maintaining the server infrastructure by eliminating the need to purchase hardware and upgrade software. Highly appealing to organizations looking to get more for less.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Provisions virtual machines within a predefined set of physical systems with the deployment of a dedicated hardware platform and a virtualization layer. Great choice for organizations seeking special privacy, security and compliance.

Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Allows you to merge your dedicated servers, managed hosting, colocation, or other existing or planned environments with the security and speed of a cloud computing platform. Great fit for organizations looking for flexibility and customization.

Contact us today to learn how to become the next disruptive force in the cloud economy. We await to hear from you at (800) 521-5881 and [email protected]

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Award-Winning Service
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