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Transfer Files with Commander One

Introduction Commander One is a dual-panel file manager for Mac OS with built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP client. Although the FTP client is a paid feature its basic options are free and paid functionality is available to you for 15 days trial for free. Commander One is essentially a file management solution, and it  significantly enhances the FTP […]

Install and Configure Fail2ban on CentOS

Verified and Tested 2/1/16 Introduction Fail2ban is a great, wonderful service that is primarily used to stop brute forcers from accessing your system. It’s simple to install and configure and works great at deterring your basic attackers away. Installing and configuring Fail2Ban on CentOS We will be performing steps below as the root user. You […]

Atlantic.Net – VPN Connection Guide

Verified and Tested 10/28/15 Introduction Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are a method of employing encryption to allow users to access a private network securely and share data remotely through public networks. Though VPNs connect over public interfaces, it’s secure and appears as a private network. Because VPNs offer an inherent increase in security, they […]

Enable MySQLi in cPanel/WHM with EasyApache 3

Verified and Tested 1/11/16 Introduction In this tutorial we will walk you through enabling MySQLi in cPanel/WHM by using EasyApache. MySQLi is an extension used for PHP coding so PHP can interface directly to MySQL. Prerequisites A server with cPanel/WHM installed and using EasyApache 3. Note: EasyApache 4 is still listed as a Technology Preview. Because of this, not […]

Older How-To's

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