SFTP Commands: Securely Transfer Files to a Remote Sever

Verified and Tested 08/31/15 Introduction In this How-to, we will be going over the  SFTP commands to make our lives easier and to work more effective in our shell sessions. SFTP is an acronym for “Secure File Transfer Protocol” and it is a secure way for file management over a network using SSH. Essentially it is FTP using SSH. Prerequisites […]

MTR: Understanding and Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Verified and Tested 12/23/15 Introduction MTR (originally, Matt’s TraceRoute, now just My TraceRoute) is a handy, lightweight tool in a UNIX/Linux administrator’s arsenal that can help to identify and diagnose common network issues such as latency, packet loss, and routing errors. It is a powerful 2-in-1 tool that combines and displays the results of a […]

How to Install CodoForum software on Ubuntu with Nginx

Verified and Tested 12/23/15 Introduction This walkthrough will take you through a base installation of CodoForum on an Ubuntu server that has Nginx as the web application and MySQL and PHP installed. At this time, the current download of CodoForum is . Prerequisites An Ubuntu server with LEMP (Nginx, PHP, and MySQL ) installed. Use […]

Install WordPress on CentOS 7.1 with Apache

Verified and Tested 12/22/15 Introduction In this How-To, we will walk you through the installation and configuration of WordPress on CentOS 7.1 with Apache. It began a blogging system that then evolved into one of the greatest and easiest content management systems today. It offers simplicity, free templates, plugins and many other features that have the potential […]

Install ELK Stack on Debian 8

Introduction The ELK stack is a popular set of tools consisting of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. These three tools form a software stack that can function as an extremely powerful centralized network data analytics and server log visualization tool. The ELK stack is also designed to be very capable of scaling out across multiple servers […]

Install Joomla on CentOS 7 with Apache

Verified and Tested 12/16/15 Introduction In this How-To, we will walk you through the install and configuration of Joomla on CentOS 7 with Apache. Joomla, one of the most popular content management systems nowadays, is used by many web developers for new websites. It is a powerful but yet simple system that requires little technical experience to […]

Using Bundler To Manage Ruby Gems

Introduction As Ruby applications grow, the number of external libraries these applications use can grow at the same rate–if not faster, in some cases. This growth can pose problems when gems install their dependencies. If two gems rely upon different versions of the same library, then installing both gems runs the risk of creating an […]

Install October CMS on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Cloud Server

Verified and Tested 12/14/15 Introduction This how-to will take you through installing October CMS on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. October CMS is a content management system that is free and open source. It is a relatively new content management system and is built on the Laravel web application framework. Prerequisites To install October CMS following this […]

How to upgrade from Fedora 22 to Fedora 23

Verified and Tested 11/12/15 Introduction In this article, we will go over how to upgrade Fedora 22 to Fedora 23 utilizing DNF. Prerequisites – You will need root privileges. – A Fedora 22 cloud server.  If you do not already have a server, check out our full line-up of scalable and reliable cloud servers. Getting […]

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