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The Need for WordPress Migration Plugins

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In the 21st century – the Age of Information – most processes, products, and methods today are built to make technology intuitive for users. Modern hardware and software require minimal user intervention. However, somehow, even after 14 years, WordPress has resisted certain intuitive, user-friendly changes. WordPress migrations, in particular, have faced this criticism.

Every WordPress site’s lifecycle includes website migrations. Manual migrations are considered slow and dangerous to the health of the website.

This begs the question:

What’s keeping WordPress migrations from intuitive design?

The problem is that the process of WordPress migration is inherently tricky. Tools built to make the process easier simply eliminate a couple of manual steps, instead of approaching the problem from a different angle. To truly make the process intuitive and user-friendly requires a higher level of progressive design in the tools themselves.

How can we fix WordPress migrations?

Fixing WordPress migrations would mean:

  • The copy or site backup isn’t performed using the live site’s resources.
  • The plugin should use FTP to transfer the site but without any user intervention (i.e. this process is performed behind the scenes so the user doesn’t have to deal with it, much like a black box environment)
  • The overall prerequisites of at least the major web hosts are implemented on the user’s behalf.
  • Implementing Find and Replace accurately, so that the user has a functional site immediately.
  • The user has to understand how, and why the DNS should be repointed.

Migration tools

Website migration tools like WordPress migration plugins, while apparently built to make the process easier, simply eliminate a couple of manual steps. Money, time and effort spent on manual migrations should instead be channeled into enhancing the quality of content as well as the growth of the business itself. Users can focus on the actual running of their site –  their website content and visitors – if migrations could be handled by automated tools.

If you are performing a manual migration for the first time, you will have a checklist of things to do before you start the process. But if a migration tool actually handled the whole migration solution on its own, including ticking off the list, wouldn’t it outdo your manual migration procedure?

How to choose a tool?

Choose a WordPress Migration Tool that is:

  • Easy to Use: An easily operated migration tool would mean a reduction in the number of tasks performed. As a result, you wouldn’t really need a checklist of migration actions.
  • Accurate: Intelligent process translates into crash-proof WordPress migrations. There are fewer chances of WordPress migration plugins giving rise to ‘WordPress Migration Failed’ errors.
  • High Speed: Having a migration tool that performs one-click quick migrations frees up time so you can get more done.
  • Trackable: Migration notifications help reduce the stress of a site migration,  meaning you can spend less time worrying and checking up on your site’s progress.

Variety of Migration plugins

When looking for an ideal migration plugin, you have to factor in price, reliability, your feature preferences, and website migration functionality itself.

Some plugins are free, others come with add-ons or extra charges. While all WordPress migration plugins focus on simplifying the process by giving you a simple configuration, there are those which require extensive technical knowledge. As a rule, migration plugins should complete migrations within 12 steps, but efficient ones require only one-click.

Features like a confirmation that the website data is intact after migration, or email alerts that inform the user of migration status, give an edge to a plugin. Using plugins to handle website migration helps to secure data integrity, reduces the risk of errors and minimizes downtime of your website.

It is always better to be on the safe side and use a WordPress backup plugin to backup your site ready, in the case of any eventualities. That said, there is one WordPress migration plugin that can guarantee crashproof migrations – a holistic website migration solution.

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