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Why One CIO is Pleased with the Cloud

Like many other top IT executives in the public and private sectors, a CIO at the National Institutes of Health, Alastair Thomson, is guiding his agency’s staff toward the cloud. Science is Getting Bigger Big Data Fueling Push toward Cloud at NHLBI The Power of Invisibility Hello, I’m Available Security as a Priority Science is Getting Bigger Science is ballooning. According to two bibliometric […]

Is Cloud Hosting the Future of Business?

It’s often difficult to tell if a technology is really taking hold, or if news of its trendiness is mostly industry chatter of businesses that are invested and trying to sell their biased perspective. Is cloud the future, or is it just hype? What is Cloud Computing or Cloud Hosting? How Fast is the Rise […]

Why the Cloud is Now Central to Business Computing

Big companies used to be unsure about the security of cloud. In 2015, there was a noticeable shift as enterprises became increasingly convinced that the safeguards of cloud providers trumped those of their own in-house datacenters. From Worried to Confident Changing Perception Fueling Rapid Cloud Growth Cloud in a Single Step The affordability and easiness […]

Cloud Hosting for Small Business: What are the Benefits?

In this spinoff of our previous article about general benefits of a cloud server over an on-premises one, we look at the specific key advantages of cloud computing for small business. Then we explore a six-step SMB cloud transition checklist. 7 Benefits of Cloud for Small Business 5-Step SMB Cloud Transition Checklist 7 Benefits of […]