Like Marty McFly, You Can Future-Proof Your Business Using Cloud and Other Tools (Part 1 of 2)

Marty McFly showed us how to future-proof our own lives when we use time machines. Now it’s up to us to future-proof our businesses through cloud and other new technologies. What is “Future-Proofing” a Business? Beyond Tech: Future-Proofing as a Business Ultimatum Looking at the Future More Broadly Updating Your IT Tip #1: Simplify Tip […]

Cloud Hosting for Small Business: What are the Benefits?

In this spinoff of our previous article about general benefits of a cloud server over an on-premises one, we look at the specific key advantages of cloud computing for small business. Then we explore a six-step SMB cloud transition checklist. 7 Benefits of Cloud for Small Business 5-Step SMB Cloud Transition Checklist 7 Benefits of […]

LAMP vs. WAMP: Why do Startups Prefer LAMP to WAMP?

LAMP vs. WAMP: What’s the Difference? Affordability Security Smoother Operation Flexibility Use within Enterprises? One-Click LAMP Cloud Hosting LAMP vs. WAMP: What’s the Difference? A LAMP or WAMP stack is four pieces of software that are used in combination for open source web development. Components include: L/W – Linux/Windows, the operating system A – Apache, […]

Gartner Rings in the New Year with 2015 Tech Forecast

In this article, we look at how the technology world is changing through the eyes of Gartner Research: State of the hotlist What is a strategic trend? Mobility 2.0 Internet of Things 3-D printing Pervasive analytics Contextualization Smart products Cloudification Software-defined environments Web scalability Risk-defined security.

Security Considerations when Adopting the Cloud

The issue of security within a Cloud Server environment may no longer be the issue it once was. Still, it never hurts to be cautious when incorporating preventative measures into your business strategy. Here are some guidelines for maximizing the stability and security of your information within the cloud.

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