Is the Cloud a Good Fit to Host Your Augmented Reality Project?

When you hear ‘augmented reality,’ you might initially think about the first-down marker that overlays the field on any televised football game. The markers have become so ubiquitous that you almost forget the players can’t see them when they’re diving for the extra yardage. If you’re under 25, ‘augmented reality’ might conjure memories of Pokemon […]

Study: Cloud Beats Dedicated Systems on Availability

Availability is one of the biggest concerns of information technology chiefs. The NIH ran a study comparing availability of cloud and dedicated machines. Cloud won. Availability Among Top Three CIO Concerns Availability: Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Servers Cloud for Fast Processing of Huge Datasets Availability Among Top Three CIO Concerns Unfortunately for CIOs, there are many […]

Why One CIO is Pleased with the Cloud

Like many other top IT executives in the public and private sectors, a CIO at the National Institutes of Health, Alastair Thomson, is guiding his agency’s staff toward the cloud. Science is Getting Bigger Big Data Fueling Push toward Cloud at NHLBI The Power of Invisibility Hello, I’m Available Security as a Priority Science is Getting Bigger Science is ballooning. According to two bibliometric […]

How to Achieve Operational Excellence in the Era of Cloud Hosting

In the age of cloud server hosting, as it’s increasingly adopted by enterprises, chief information officers can struggle to maintain operational excellence. Here’s how to deliver consistency with OE as you adopt cloud. Challenges of the Multiple-Vendor Cloud World Knowing What You Mean by “Operational Excellence” Partner with the Provider so You Can Achieve OE Governance […]

Is Cloud Hosting the Future of Business?

It’s often difficult to tell if a technology is really taking hold, or if news of its trendiness is mostly industry chatter of businesses that are invested and trying to sell their biased perspective. Is cloud the future, or is it just hype? What is Cloud Computing or Cloud Hosting? How Fast is the Rise […]

Cloud: Public, Private, or Somewhere in Between?

Public and private clouds both have their advantages. To benefit from both of their strengths, many enterprises are choosing a hybrid cloud. Public and Private Cloud Why are Some Companies Choosing Hybrid? Optimizing Agility Maintaining Compliance Facilitating Partnerships Leveraging Real-Time Decisions Moving Forward with Cloud Cloud is generally considered a solution that can help businesses […]

Understanding Hybrid Cloud, with Examples

As businesses tried to determine whether they should continue to keep their IT on-site or process it with third-party cloud hosts, many ended up choosing a compromise: hybrid cloud. The Hybrid Cloud: What is it? Why do Some Companies Choose Hybrid? Hybrid Doesn’t Always Make Sense Examples of Hybrid Cloud Use Strong Hosting Partner for Your […]

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