Semantic Search: Do Keywords Still Matter?

Just when we were starting to figure SEO out, it’s changing … rapidly. Search engine optimization is geared more specifically to the individual, involves a more powerful social component (bolstering the importance of engaging content), and incorporates more sophisticated predictive analytics. These elements mean that Google can deliver relevant content to all users and better […]

cPanel Cloud Hosting – Why cPanel Is the Ideal Control Panel for the Cloud

Per, almost 2/3 of the world’s most prominent web hosting services used cPanel or WHM (with the latter, aka Web Host Manager, an integrated part of the same system) in 2011. It’s a particularly common administrative panel for Linux servers, an open-source alternative to Windows, and the most common UNIX server OS (operating […]

Great Customer service to write home about

Frequently tales are told of stellar customer service, but oftentimes those stories involve one individual and one incident. It’s rare that a company can develop methods that make incredible customer service the norm. Let’s look at several elements of great customer service like the kind provided at Atlantic.Net that can make the experience so memorable; […]