How to Use OpenSSH to Connect to Your Linux Server

Introduction This how-to will show how to use the OpenSSH program to connect one Linux server to another via command line. It’s a very simple process that requires little know-how, but can be useful for many projects. Normally, on Windows, you would just use the software PuTTY to connect through SSH, but this isn’t available […]

How to Configure LVM (Logical Volume Management) on DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device)

Verified and Tested 1/20/16 Introduction This how-to will help walk you through adding LVM to DRBD. Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) is a block level replication between two or more nodes and is used as a replacement for shared storage by created a networked mirror. DRBD is used in environments that require systems or data […]

How to Install Your Own FTP Server

Introduction If you’re interested in learning about networking, or if you have files that you would like to share with the world at large, then at some point you’re probably going to want to get an FTP server running on a machine. There is a vast array of options for a server, depending on what […]

How to Install ELK Stack on Debian 8

Introduction The ELK stack is a popular set of tools consisting of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. These three tools form a software stack that can function as an extremely powerful centralized network data analytics and server log visualization tool. The ELK stack is also designed to be very capable of scaling out across multiple servers […]

How to Install WordPress on a Debian 8.2 Cloud Server

Verified and Tested 10/20/15 Introduction This how-to will take you through installing WordPress on Debian 8.2 “jessie”. WordPress is an open source blogging and CMS platform. WordPress has thousands of plugins that you can use to make your site customized to your needs. Prerequisite To install WordPress, a Debian 8.2 server running LAMP or LEMP […]

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