How to: Getting started with Windows Containers and Docker

Introduction This article is a basic primer on how to use Windows Server 2016 with Containers and Docker on the Atlantic.Net Cloud. Docker popularized containers first on Linux, but now with Windows 2016, Windows containers are now natively supported as well. This means you can build your application in a container and ship it across […]

8 Docker Features for IT Management

Docker’s adoption has more than doubled since a year ago. Here is a look at its growth and top features that many companies will find useful. Growth of Docker Astronomical New Docker Release: Main Features for IT Management One-Click Docker for Immediate Use Growth of Docker Astronomical Have you heard the news? Many people certainly […]

Quick Docker Facts

Docker is on everyone’s minds as a potential way to improve packaging and shipping of applications. Here’s what you need to know. Docker allows for packaging and distribution of applications. Docker isn’t a completely new idea. You don’t have to use Linux. It’s much faster than starting a VM. Virtual machines aren’t yet obsolete. Docker’s […]

How to Install Discourse Forum on Ubuntu 14.04

Verified and Tested 10/28/15 Introduction This walkthrough is written to walk you through the base install of Discourse on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server. Discourse is an Internet forum software application, that is fun and easy to use. To keep the installation process as simple and straightforward as we can, we will be using Git […]

The Rise and Success of Docker

The Unlikely Rise of Docker Why Okta Developers Love Docker Biggest Hurdles of Using It The Unlikely Rise of Docker In 2014, a startup called Docker started to gather an incredible amount of attention. The momentum started building in March 2013, when the company’s founder, Solomon Hykes, introduce the technology at the developer conference PyCon […]

Why is Everyone Using Docker?

Docker has been a huge focus of IT conversation lately because it both boosts the number of applications you can power with the same servers and simplifies packaging and shipment of apps. Why the Rush to Docker? Docker’s Relationship with LXC Pack-and-Ship-Friendly Summary & Conclusion “Docker’s literally incredible. I’ve never been able to setup server […]

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Verified and Tested 06/02/21 Introduction This how-to will help you with your Docker setup on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS so that you can successfully build, ship, and run distributed applications quickly and effectively via its own Docker Engine. With technology on the rise and the popularity of Apps quickly rising, docker is preferred by many system […]