How to: FreeBSD Remote Administration

Verified and Tested 08/31/15 Introduction Remote administration has become more popular, than ever before. Due to the rise of virtualization and Cloud VPS Servers, it has become a necessity in many small to large scale networks. In this How-to, we will be going over the Remote Administration in FreeBSD.

How to: FreeBSD Network Administration

Verified and Tested 08/18/15 Introduction Networks are composed of two or more devices that form one group, and each device is assigned a unique IP, that identifies them to that specific group. In order to keep things organized and protected withing a network, Network Administration is very important. In this how-to we will walk through […]

How to Install WordPress on FreeBSD

Verified and Tested 08/31/15 Introduction WordPress is a simple blogging system the helped maintain many blogs by making a simple interface that interacts with a database. Now, it has become a one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) in the web, especially it being a free open source software. In this how-to, we […]

How to: FreeBSD User Administration

Verified and Tested 08/18/15 Introduction Imagine that you give a copy of your house keys to all of your family members and all of your friends. You get home one day, and it’s been vandalized. Who will you go to for information? It would be chaotic! So you only give your house keys to special […]

How to Install Java (JRE or JDK) on FreeBSD

Verified and Tested 08/18/15 Introduction If you had the option to choose between a base model car or a fully loaded model, which one will you choose? Both cars will take you from point A to point B, but with the fully loaded car you have additional features that can make rush hour a chill […]

How to Get Started With A FreeBSD Cloud Server

Introduction FreeBSD is an operating system available in our Cloud environment.  FreeBSD is an open source operating system originating from a previous generation that was referred to as “BSD Unix” or “Berkeley Unix.”  Although FreeBSD is not part of the Unix family, and as such cannot use the name, it shares many features and qualities […]

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