How to Install LEMP using Atlantic.Net’s One-Click Application

Verified and Tested 10/31/15 Introduction Atlantic.Net is actively working towards providing an exceptional customer experience for everyone, whether you are Tech savvy or not, we want to simplify our services so you can be up and running in no time. This is where the One-Click application installation comes into place. Atlantic.Net is working to ensure […]

How to Install Discourse Forum on Ubuntu 14.04

Verified and Tested 10/28/15 Introduction This walkthrough is written to walk you through the base install of Discourse on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server. Discourse is an Internet forum software application, that is fun and easy to use. To keep the installation process as simple and straightforward as we can, we will be using Git […]

How to Install And Configure NGINX As A Load Balancer on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction A load balancer is a useful service that distributes workloads across multiple servers. Load balancing increases fault tolerance to your site and improves performance. In this how-to, we will guide you through installing NGINX and configuring NGINX to do Round Robin load balancing. For this guide, we will be using Ubuntu 14.04. Below is […]

A Tale of Stack-Worthiness: The Rise of Nginx

Nginx has accrued increasingly impressive market share in recent years. What’s its story? WordPress Developer Switches to LEMP Nginx is Not Slowing its Pace How the Web is Being Won Growth of Nginx & LEMP to Fuel Your Own Project WordPress Developer Switches to LEMP The LAMP stack (open source development environment using Linux, Apache, […]

How to Install LEMP on Ubuntu 15.10 (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP)

Verified and Tested 10/26/15 Introduction This how-to will go through the process of installing at LEMP stack on Ubuntu 15.10. LEMP is very similar to LAMP, with one significant difference, you are installing NGINX instead of Apache. NGINX development has focused on performance, which is why many are beginning to migrate to NGINX web servers […]

How to Configure NGINX on a CentOS 7 Server

Verified and Tested 02/04/2021 Introduction This how-to will help you install and configure NGINX so you can run high traffic websites while maintaining the high level of performance your customers expect. We are also going to install additional software in order to get the most out of NGINX, so this guide will also include the […]

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