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What is PHP7 – Performance Improvements

Target Audience This article is geared toward those familiar with PHP, or with scripting languages and how they interact with the hardware upon which they run. Introduction Sometime in November 2015, the PHP Group will be releasing PHP 7. This release promises greater performance and some new tools to further improve responsiveness. This article takes […]

What is: PHP7 – Breaking Changes from PHP5

Target Audience This article is geared toward readers with at least a working knowledge of PHP or a thorough knowledge of programming. . Introduction PHP is one of those ubiquitous programming languages that underpins many of the most popular web platforms. With the release of PHP7–the first major revision to PHP in years–the governing body […]

HTTP vs. HTTPS : What is the difference?

Target audience This article is geared toward a general reader with a basic understanding of how the Internet works. Introduction When you surf the Internet, most web pages are delivered to your computer using a communications protocol called HTTP, which serves the vast majority of web pages on the World Wide Web. However, it can […]

What is MySQL vs. MariaDB vs. Percona

Target Audience This article assumes you have at least a passing familiarity with databases and some of the terminology around their features. Introduction Databases back every application, and there are many choices. MySQL has long been a popular open source choice; however, MariaDB and Percona are two major code forks that can replace MySQL with […]

What Is RVM (Ruby enVironment Manager or Ruby Version Manager)?

Target Audience: This article is intended to be useful for anyone who has a need to deploy–or manage–multiple Ruby installations on a single machine. A reader should have a basic understanding of how Ruby and Ruby gems work within an operating system. Introduction Managing multiple Ruby environments can be a challenge. Ruby is an open-source […]

What is: Javascript Frameworks – An Introduction

Target Audience: This article assumes only a basic familiarity with front-end web development and serves as an introduction to JavaScript in modern web development. Introduction The web is evolving. Websites, and more specifically, web design paradigms are changing constantly, and front-end developers must be aware of the latest trends in development to create the best […]