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What is Trend Micro™ DEEP SECURITY

With virtualization having transformed the data center, organizations are moving more of their workloads to private and public clouds. Taking full advantage of the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing requires trust in the provider’s security

Deep Security is a comprehensive platform for physical, virtual, and cloud servers designed to protect your data center and cloud workloads from breaches and business disruptions and help you achieve operational compliance.


Trend Micro Virtualization Security

Protects virtual desktops and servers against zero-day malware and network attacks while minimizing operational impact from resource inefficiencies and emergency patching.

Cloud Security

Trend Micro Cloud Security

Enables service providers and modern data center managers to offer a multi-tenant cloud environment with security policies that can be extended to cloud workloads and managed centrally with consistent, context-aware policies.

Server Security

Integrated Server Security

Consolidates all server security functions into one comprehensive, integrated, and flexible platform that optimizes protection across physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

The system features integrated modules such as anti-malware, web reputation, firewall, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, and log inspection to ensure server, application, and data security across all environments,

Why Choose Atlantic.Net

Why Choose Atlantic.Net to Manage your Trend Micro™ DEEP SECURITY?

Atlantic.Net’s team of experts will manage the comprehensive Trend Micro™ DEEP SECURITY server for you. Our monitoring platform receives alerts and notifications from all centers in real time, which allows us to resolve issues immediately. The combination of hardware, software and service will ensure a round-the-clock in-depth protection to shield your system from attacks.

Trend Micro™ DEEP SECURITY Suite packages installed and managed on your behalf by our experts:

Trend Micro Deep Security Anti-Malware Package: Anti-malware integrates with VMware and other virtual environments to protect virtual machines against viruses, spyware and other malware. The package also comes with Web Reputation which strengthens protection against web threats to servers and virtual desktops. This package integrates with Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ web reputation capabilities to safeguard users and applications by blocking access to malicious URLs.

Trend Micro Deep Security Network Security Package: Intrusion Prevention (IPS) shields your system from global exploits and increases visibility into applications accessing the network. This achieves timely, intelligent protection against known and zero-day attacks and automatically delivers rules that guard the network against newly discovered vulnerabilities. The bidirectional stateful firewall decreases the attack surface of your physical and virtual servers, centralizes management of server firewall policy, and prevents Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Trend Micro Deep Security System Security Package: By monitoring critical operating system and application files, such as directories, registry keys, and values, Integrity Monitoring detects and reports malicious and unexpected changes to files, the hypervisor and systems registry in real time. Log Inspection optimizes identification of key security events buried in log files across the data center, which the SIEM system correlates, reports and archives. Event tagging replicates actions for similar events across the entire data center, reducing cost, while agentless configuration adds security to virtual machines without adding footprint.

By choosing one of Atlantic. Net’s Managed Trend Micro™ DEEP SECURITY packages, you are taking a stand to ensure you have the best defense system in place and a team of experts on board who have your best interests in mind. Our team will make sure all systems are running smoothly and are continually updated to meet the security challenges of the cyber landscape. Purpose-built for virtualized and cloud environments, our solution eliminates gaps to maximize your system performance according to your true need.

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