What is Cloud Hosting?

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

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What is Private Cloud?

The Cloud has been a hot topic in IT departments, including the enterprise. Achieving the advantages of this new way of computing is not as simple as choosing the most popular brand name, however. Private cloud, public cloud, and specially designed clouds for compliance represent different models of cloud computing environments. Each type of cloud has different advantages, depending on the needs of the organization. There are also different types of cloud computing within each model. Practically any organization can benefit, but only those companies that choose the right cloud for their needs will get the most out of the technology.


Cloud computing is enabled by virtualization, which is the creation of software-defined and controlled servers. A basic, easy-to-understand definition of cloud computing provided by PC Magazine is “storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive,” while Gartner puts more emphasis on the system being scalable, elastic, and delivered as a service.

Private Cloud delivers data and programs from resources dedicated to the customer. Because resources are not pooled with those of other organizations, private cloud has some specific ideal uses.

Private clouds are typically utilized by companies with sensitive data, management, or workload demands beyond those practical for a shared environment. In the early days of private cloud, some organizations chose to host a private cloud on-premise. The benefits of private cloud are maximized when the organization leverages the data center resources of a reliable cloud provider, like Atlantic.Net. This removes the responsibility of providing and maintaining critical redundant systems like cooling, power, networking, storage, and infrastructure that normally lie far outside the core competency of most companies.


The Benefits of Private Cloud

The dedicated infrastructure of Atlantic.Net’s Private Cloud solutions allow the highest degree of visibility and control of any cloud environment, ultimately providing the peace of mind your company expects and deserves. Having dedicated resources also guarantees they will be available when they are needed, making planning easier than in a public cloud model in which a “noisy neighbour” could take up resources, potentially impacting other users in the cloud. Because new resources can be spun up and spun down as needed, Atlantic.Net’s Private Cloud retains much of the scalability and elasticity of a public cloud. It is also similarly resilient because the virtualized server workload can be redistributed to different pieces of hardware in the event of a failure.

There are several setups available for Atlantic.Net’s Private Cloud solutions, each defined by the hypervisor controlling them.



Microsoft Hyper-V is a popular hypervisor (virtual machine manager) that is strategically suited for those primarily using Windows Servers. Those who do so may already be comfortable with its interface and features, like Windows Active Directory, which Hyper-V uses for access control in certain circumstances. It also comes loaded with many features that enable easy maintenance, security, backups, and live migration.

Hyper-V can also be deployed as a “bare metal” hypervisor, meaning it does not run on an underlying operating system. Accessing hardware resources directly provides better performance, scalability, and stability.



Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an open source hypervisor for the Linux operating system, as opposed to a bare metal hypervisor. While it is bundled with Linux, KVM supports running a wide variety of operating systems as “guests,” including Windows. One of the most-widely used cloud hypervisors in the world, KVM is touted as providing a low-cost alternative without sacrificing performance, scalability, or security.



VMware vSphere is a popular enterprise platform for deploying and managing private cloud. It is designed to run VMware's ESXi bare metal hypervisor. While vSphere is designed to work with other VMware cloud and virtualization products, it also supports Hyper-V and KVM based virtual machines. vSphere ESXi trades some of the flexibility and features of Hyper-V for a smaller footprint and more simplicity, which contribute to its strong security and ease of use.


Who is it for?

The decision to run a private cloud, and the choice of which kind of private cloud technologies to use should be made based on the needs of your organization. If your company needs custom provisioning and automation, security, and a greater degree of control and flexibility, you will achieve the greatest benefit from deploying a private cloud.

Atlantic.Net’s Private Cloud Solutions are especially ideal for companies in the healthcare, payment, telecommunication, and web hosting industries, as well as businesses with rapidly increasing infrastructure needs.

Whatever kind of Cloud is right for your organization, successfully delivering its benefits to your business and its customers requires starting with a realistic plan, following that plan, and partnering with the right service provider. Atlantic.Net has over twenty years of experience, with expert staff that are available to assist you and your company’s needs 24/7. Contact us today, and we will work with you to create a custom Private Cloud Solution that is perfect for your business.

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