Optimize Your Marketing Campaign for Legal Services with Google AdWords Banners

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Google AdWords has been around for years, but it remains both incredibly popular and reasonably effective. According to WordStream, as of 2012, businesses averaged a 200% return on investment (ROI) with the system, earning $2 for every dollar they paid into AdWords. 1.2 million businesses used the Google service at that time. Attorneys and other legal services use AdWords to drive traffic to their sites just as companies do in other industries. Continue reading

SEO Optimized VPS: Real World Scenario & Helpful Strategies

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One of the primary concerns of any online business is search engine relevance. Various elements are involved in strong SEO, as discussed in our three-part guide “20 Steps to Make Your Content Rank Higher on Search Engines & Increase Conversions.” One common way to enhance your SERP (search engine result page) standing is to install applications on your server that make your site more attractive to the search engines. Continue reading

HIPAA Heroin Epidemic Problem & Healthcare Startup Private Hosting Platform Solution – 2 Real World Scenarios

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As providers of HIPAA compliant hosting infrastructures, we publish as much information as we possibly can to help healthcare companies understand the law and find appropriate solutions, whether with us or another company. Along with describing this information generally on our site, we also publish Real World Scenario articles (such as this one) on our blog, allowing customers to see compliance in example real-life interactions between our representatives and customers. Continue reading

VPS Hosting Without Borders

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The United States is at the forefront of technological development, but nations around the world – even developing countries – are experiencing major shifts made possible by a wide range of computing breakthroughs. In fact, some nations that have never been fully connected with phone service have been able to jump over the landline era and go straight into wide usage of cell phones. Hosting bring similar technological possibilities to the entire world. Continue reading

Test IP Address to Gauge Cloud VPS Speed – A Real World Scenario

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It’s sometimes difficult for customers of hosting services to determine which plans and companies will best meet their needs. This challenge has become more pronounced in the era of virtual private servers (VPS’s) and cloud computing. Although distributed virtualization has strongly positive attributes – speed, reliability, redundancy, cost-effectiveness, etc. – it also can be unclear exactly what you are getting. Continue reading

HIPAA Web/Database Hosting Solution – A Real World Scenario


Healthcare companies must be in full compliance with federal regulations in order to avoid fines. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains law applicable to the handling of protected health information (PHI) by healthcare plans, clearinghouses, and practices. Title II of the act includes a Privacy Rule and Security Rule, which are of special concern to covered entities when working with business associates – such as web hosting companies – on their IT architectures. Continue reading

Bring My Chicken Kebab From the Cloud: A Real World Scenario

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Cloud computing represents a fundamental technological shift. By allowing businesses to cut costs while enhancing the speed of their systems, the distributed virtualization strategy is being put to use in manifold ways. In academic settings, large datasets are being calculated in short windows of time, allowing researchers to perform analyses that previously were financially unfeasible. In manufacturing, the Industrial Internet is underway, with thousands of sensors facilitating real-time monitoring in production plants. In medicine, misdiagnosis is becoming less common for cancer patients, with doctors cross-checking images of similar biopsies in moments. Continue reading

How Good Can an Article Be if It Cannot Be Seen? Make Your Site Faster

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Everyone knows how critical high-quality content has become to building and maintaining a strong Google presence. However, optimizing your site for the search engines is not just about the words or images you use. It’s also about user experience, particularly speed. Obviously improving the performance of your site will have the added benefit of increasing engagement and conversions. Continue reading

Securing PHI for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations – A Real World Scenario

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Our site shares a large amount of information with medical companies about finding viable HIPAA hosting and infrastructural solutions. We’ve found that the general information we provide meets the needs of many businesses. However, it also assists many professionals to be able to get a feel for the process through specific situations. Continue reading