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Digital ad platforms manage billions of ad impression purchases every month on various ad channels, from display to mobile. Such a massive operation requires secure networks backed by a solid infrastructure. Buyers and publishers need round-the-clock access to reliable data management and analytics to allow for the real-time adjustments that guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of the bidding process. A reliable platform ensures customer retention and can help you expand your reach. The Atlantic.Net platform’s robust processing capability and uncompromised security nurtures your investment while delivering a superior customer experience.

Digital Advertising Digital Advertising
Digital Advertisings Rapid Expansion

The Perfect Fit

Today’s digital ad ecosystem is rapidly pivoting from a human-managed marketplace to automated demand-side and sell-side platforms (DSPs and SSPs). They in turn demand lightning-speed, high accuracy advertising distribution channels across the digital domain. What makes Atlantic.Net an exceptional choice is the customized agility, high security, and technical compliance of its hosting environment, which was built to store and move massive amounts of data.

Atlantic.Net’s servers operate in a low latency ecosystem with packets moving at high rates, all of which is crucial for web applications managing large scale campaigns and a centralized flow of ads across multiple platforms. Atlantic.Net features a higher concentration of facilities across metropolitan areas, such as New York, Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco, London, and Orlando, to further boost the speed of connections in saturated ad network markets.

Digital Advertisings Rapid Expansion

Rapid Expansion Without Compromise

Cloud, Dedicated, Colocation, and Hybrid Hosting

If you’re part of a company running data-intensive digital applications, you need a hosting platform that is reliable and scalable. Atlantic.Net provides a full suite of services to include Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation, Managed and Hybrid Hosting to ensure a fully scalable and custom-tailored solution for your growing business.

Atlantic.Net offers you a time-tested and secure cloud hosting platform to fulfill these unique needs. Our RESTful API enables you to power and scale your web applications quickly and easily via your team's chosen deployment tools. Our cloud hosting control panel gives you control over your cloud servers to seamlessly and conveniently build and manage your cloud environment.

Boosting and supporting high traffic websites and high productivity grids is Atlantic.Net’s strength. Our redundant high-speed network guarantees unsurpassed connectivity to sustain the ongoing effectiveness of your platform. Our Bare Metal Dedicated Servers and ACP Dedicated Cloud Hosts provide the option of dedicated resources for your team, whether that is in our Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform or a private environment. Atlantic.Net provides the optionality for you and your team to tackle any new obstacle thrown your way.

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Regulatory Compliance:

Web advertisers process billions of ad impressions every month, including details such as ad sharing, location, pricing/auctioning, the identity of buyers and publishers, and their unique preferences. This data deserves proper safeguarding. That’s why our data centers are audited to meet and exceed various government regulatory requirements and safeguards such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more. We are regularly audited and certified (SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II) to ensure that our data centers are up to these exacting standards. Our Compliant Hosting is perfect for ensuring that when in transfer or in storage, the critical data and records of your customers are encrypted, backed up, and shielded by fully integrated security layers and intrusion prevention systems.

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Flexible Customization and Added Value

At Atlantic.Net, we help you design a plan to match your unique requirements and budget. Whether you operate on a business or a development platform, we will tailor an environment to satisfy both you and your client base. We strive to offer maximum flexibility, and our team stands by to assist you every step of the way. Our Managed Services are specially designed to help our clients get more for less and our Engineering team will never leave you hanging. The Engineering team is waiting to help 24x7x365. Our Managed Services and Security Services help bring focus to your core business so that you can continue to grow your business.

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With over three decades of experience, our support team is always here to assist you. You'll have 24/7/365 access to a crop of dedicated veterans, capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

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