Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity for HIPAA Compliance

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HIPAA Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for HIPAA Compliance

At Atlantic.Net, we’ve spent the last three decades preparing for the next by combining our experience, expertise, and world class hosting infrastructure. This is to provide our clients with the most secure Disaster Recovery Hosting Solution, designed for uninterrupted business continuity.

To minimize risk and help you to quickly get back to business, Atlantic.Net offers offsite backup and replication of your mission-critical data away from the primary facility. This ensures smooth data recovery in the event of a local outage due to a regional disaster. Our Disaster Recovery Solutions are ideal for privacy, security, and compliance, which requires adherence to the strictest government regulations.

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Managed Disaster Recovery Service

One of the major prerequisites of HIPAA compliance for the managed service provider is to demonstrate proficiency to help protect client infrastructure in a disaster recovery (DR) scenario. Atlantic.Net has a successful track record over the last thirty years, standing tall amongst service providers by providing an award-winning service backed by an always available support. Our end-goal is to ensure that Atlantic.Net provides a robust Disaster Recovery service for business of all sizes.

Our HIPAA compliant hosting is available in multiple geographically disparate locations. We can actively monitor and manage client services and, if any failure is detected, our advanced optional managed disaster recovery solution can fail services over from a primary data center location over to a secondary site.

This enables Atlantic.Net to offer top level RTOs and RPOs and to give our clients the confidence that they can depend on our disaster recovery service with confidence. In the event of a disaster, we will recover applications and data within a pre-agreed service level agreement ensuring that healthcare data is protected and readily available.

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HIPAA Managed Backup

The rapid growth of data, shrinking backup windows and budgets, scaling issues, and multiplatform environments currently in place in the healthcare industry all present significant challenges for server administrators. Atlantic.Net's experts can help, whether you're looking to back up your HIPAA compliant cloud hosting servers or your HIPAA compliant dedicated servers . Through our powerful Server Backup Manager - a fast, affordable platform for both Linux and Windows - we perform backups either daily, hourly, 15-minute, or 5-minute increments for each of our HIPAA clients, whichever they request. Incremental backups are done at the block level for advanced speed, and HIPAA hosting clients have full control over when, where, and how their data is stored. Data is by default kept in our HIPAA compliant SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II data center, secured through on-site measures along with a suite of powerful and robust HIPAA compliant security software.

In addition to a host of customization options, the hosting backup platform is also equipped with robust monitoring tools, portable backups, point-in-time snapshots, and the ability to perform a bare-metal restore at any point in time. We support HIPAA compliant backups for the majority of virtualized platforms, as well as a wide range of SQL servers and databases.

Atlantic.Net is recognized the world over by top DR/BC professionals and has worked with:

  • Success   Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planners
  • Success Information Technology Managers
  • Success Consultants
  • Success Auditors
  • Success Corporate Safety
  • Success Risk Managers
  • Success Security Managers
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Veeam Backup and Replication Service by Atlantic.Net

Protect your IT investment with our best-in-class backup solution for private and public cloud hosted services. We harness the power of Veeam backup replication software to provide always-on protection for your infrastructure. Our service is monitored, managed, and maintained around the clock by our dedicated staff and engineers. Atlantic.Net delivers world-class RTO & RPO (recovery time objective and recovery point objective) service levels, with robust and seamless data protection to our clients.

HIPAA Managed Backup
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy

You can always be proactive, but unfortunately, you can’t always be retroactive when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity. The last thing a business needs is to experience the regret of not having properly prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard your business against events that take place beyond your control, such as natural disasters.

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What Is Your Data Worth?

Losing even one day’s worth of data can create a significant setback in operations, disrupting business continuity, amassing monetary and time costs associated with loss of productivity, and lost business. Taking steps to protect your data is essential to prevent compromising the reputation and trust you worked so hard to build.

Looking For HIPAA Hosting?
We Can Help With A Free Assessment,
And A $250 Credit.

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Why Choose Atlantic.Net?

Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully audited for SOC 2 TYPE Il and SOC 3 TYPE Il compliance and provide critical technology platforms combined with fully managed IT infrastructure. Built to withstand category 5 hurricanes and earthquakes, Atlantic.Net facilities are SSAE 18, HIPAA and HITCH certified and offer unparalleled security. We have facilities in eight data center locations to bolster heavy traffic demands of those key metropolitan areas and offer off-site storage hosting. Our locations include New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Ashburn, Singapore, and Orlando

100% Up-Time SLA. Atlantic.Net is home of the 100% uptime commitment. With years of experience with networking and compute optimization, we make sure that the solution you choose will be easily implemented, scalable, and efficient. Our redundant architecture ensures that data loss is no longer on your worry list. The flexibility of our customized approach guarantees that you will only be charged for the protection you truly need. Our ability to scale your business requirements up or down makes certain your costs remain low and solution lean

HIPAA Hosting Features

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Encrypted Backup
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Encrypted VPN
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Encrypted Storage
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Network Edge/DDos Protection

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