Bare Metal Server Hosting

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Bare Metal Server Hosting

Bare Metal Server Hosting

A Bare Metal Server is a physical computer server that is rented to a single consumer or tenant. It is a distinct piece of hardware that functions as its own server, rather than a virtual server that runs on shared hardware.

You can choose the operating system and load applications onto the Bare Metal Server to suit your needs. Bare Metal Hosting services provide stand-alone machines which are not integrated or connected to the public cloud.

Bare Metal Servers provide several benefits, including:

  • Isolation: Layer 2 network virtualization can isolate customer workloads from other customer activity.
  • Control: The servers do not come with a pre-installed hypervisor, which gives the user complete control over their server infrastructure.
  • Visibility: Private cloud customers can have greater visibility into the underlying infrastructure of a Bare Metal Server within the cloud.
  • Enhanced processing power: Having dedicated resources ensures consistent performance, supporting large, steady state workloads.

Bare Metal Server Hosting Plans

Our Bare Metal Server Hosting plans are configurable to your needs. You can either utilize the default hosting plan configuration or contact us with your RAM and storage needs, and we will do the rest. Our hosting plans can be upgraded to fit your growing needs, and you can choose servers with resources from a wide range of deployable resources. Each Bare Metal Server plan is competitively priced against other hosting providers, and we offer generous discounts for contracted terms with either one, two, or three-year terms.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Server Benefits

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Bare Metal Servers.


Bare Metal Servers offer a high degree of isolation, which is important for meeting stringent security requirements. Layer 2 network virtualization allows customer workloads to be completely isolated from other tenants, ensuring that data and applications are secure from potential threats that might come from shared environments.

This isolation also means that performance is not impacted by the activities of other users, providing consistent and reliable service. This makes Bare Metal Servers suitable for running sensitive applications and storing critical data.


Unlike virtualized environments, Bare Metal Servers do not come with a pre-installed hypervisor, allowing users to have complete control over their server infrastructure. This means you can choose and install the operating system that best fits your needs, as well as any applications and software configurations without any limitations imposed by a hypervisor.

This control also extends to hardware configurations and network settings, providing the flexibility to optimize the server's performance for specific workloads. You can tailor the server environment to meet unique requirements, ensuring that the infrastructure is aligned with your operational goals.


Bare Metal Servers provide enhanced visibility into the underlying infrastructure, which is particularly beneficial for private cloud customers. This increased visibility allows you to monitor and manage the server environment more effectively, gaining insights into performance metrics, resource utilization, and potential bottlenecks.

This transparency also aids in security management. You can track access logs, network traffic, and other critical data points, enabling you to detect and respond to security threats swiftly.

Processing Power

Since the resources of a Bare Metal Server are dedicated to a single tenant, there are no resource contention issues, resulting in consistent and reliable performance. This makes Bare Metal Servers suitable for running high-performance applications, data-intensive tasks, and other demanding workloads that require significant processing power.

Bare Metal Server Hosting Plans

Bare Metal Server - Value

  • 8 vCPU 4-core
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2x 480GB SATA SSD
  • 10TB Inbound Bandwidth

Starting at $316.45/month

Bare Metal Server - Premium

  • 20 vCPU 10-core
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2x 960GB SATA SSD
  • 10TB Inbound Bandwidth

Starting at $385.77/month

Bare Metal Server - Power

  • 40 vCPU 20-core
  • 128GB RAM
  • 6x 1.92TB SATA SSD
  • 10TB Inbound Bandwidth

Starting at $485.23/month

Custom Bare Metal Server For Larger Complex Deployments

  • Up to 128 vCPU
  • Up to 1TB RAM
  • Up to 32TB NVMe Storage
  • 10TB Inbound Bandwidth

Optional Hardware RAID Card, Tiered Storage, CacheCade, and CacheVault, available.

Bare Metal Server Hosting Plans

Bare Metal Server Hosting Features

Atlantic.Net Bare Meta Servers provide a unique service to organizations looking for more control and performance. There is no direct integration with the Atlantic.Net cloud platform, but you can interconnect your servers with the Atlantic.Net Cloud environment, and enhanced managed services are also available with our bare metal servers. Our Bare Metal Hosting Plans are configured to provide large server resources at cost-effective price points, making our service more affordable to organizations looking to get more for less.

Each Bare Metal Server can be set up in a redundant configuration with RAID storage solutions, depending on your deployment needs and preferred drive configuration. Our standard RAID storage offerings are RAID 1 or RAID 10 depending on the server selected. You can pick from various storage configurations for your Bare Metal Server, including NVMe SSD and SATA SSD.

USA Bare Metal Server Hosting

Our infrastructure is strategically located in data centers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe regions, with Bare Metal Hosting available in select data center regions. Our data center regions are concentrated in the United States of America, with a presence in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Ashburn, and Orlando. Our USA-based support staff stands ready to assist you 24/7/365 with all your Bare Metal Hosting needs.

Single Tenant Environment

A Single Tenant Environment

All Bare Metal Servers are single-tenant physical servers. There are no noisy neighbors in a Bare Metal environment, giving the user an isolated service with guaranteed service levels.

You get direct root access to the base server hardware and you have complete control over the physical servers you lease, guaranteeing the maximum performance and granting the freedom to create your own bespoke server platform to host any service or application you choose.

Buy Bare Metal Server Hosting with Full Confidence

Get the speed, convenience, and peace of mind you deserve with Atlantic.Net Bare Metal Server Hosting. We build and deploy standard and custom hosted bare metal servers for our clients who require full control and root access. The clients also benefit by leveraging additional resources available on the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform for expansion, additional compute, additional storage, and more!

Get the speed, convenience, and peace of mind you deserve with Atlantic.Net Bare Metal Server Hosting. We build and deploy standard and custom hosted bare metal servers for our clients who require full control and root access. The clients also benefit by leveraging additional resources available on the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform for expansion, additional compute, additional storage, and more!

Our Bare Metal Server Hosting Service is flexible, giving your business the power over the server with Atlantic.Net standing ready to assist you. Our engineers are always standing-by for your call, or you can trust your own expertise and use root access to fix any technical issues you may encounter. Our Bare Metal Server Hosting is designed to wrap around your requirements while also offering the ability to pick and choose our Managed Service offerings like Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Server Management, Onsite and Offsite Backups, Replication, and much more!

Bare Metal FAQ

Atlantic.Net does not restrict the operating systems you install on your Bare Metal Servers. While sometimes software and hardware limitations can favor the use of Dedicated Servers over Bare Metal Servers or vice versa, these are rare occurrences, and in general you will be able to choose the operating systems you want to use in your bare metal server environment.

Yes, you can interconnect your Bare Metal servers with your Atlantic.Net Cloud environment. Some options like ACP Onsite and Offsite Backups are not compatible with Bare Metal Servers. Atlantic.Net does offer other backup solutions to fit your needs outside of ACP backups.

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Yes! We have Sales Engineers for just this reason. They have years of experience with issues our customers commonly face, and along with this experience comes the knowledge of the best way to solve those issues. We are ready and standing by to provide the guidance you are looking for. Get in Touch!

Dedicated Hosts are pre-installed with the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform to enable instant plug and play with ACP. Bare Metal Servers are for anyone who wants to install their own operating system, virtualization, or for any applications to run in a non-virtualized environment.

In general, if you only have the need for a few VPS servers and you don’t see your workload continuing to grow, a Cloud VPS server is a great, and cost-effective solution that will most likely meet your needs. Bare Metal Servers are designed for a customer with a high technical ability to manage their own environment. Bare Metal Servers are also necessary when a virtualization layer is not desirable due to compatibility or performance reasons. Most clients that do not have a dedicated IT team to control these types of functions will opt for a Dedicated Host, but Bare Metal Servers are perfect for those who require extreme flexibility and choice.

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